Chatbots are on the rise and are becoming increasingly crucial to most businesses’ success out there. As conversational marketing has been regarded as the future of marketing, chatbots are the innovative tool that automates the process.

There are so many benefits that chatbots offer businesses today; little wonder you can find them in almost any industry today. 

With artificial intelligence (AI) in chatbots like Zebrabuzz, they can, and will, maintain and expand businesses without external supervision.

A chatbot is a tool that works on the direction of various sets of commands to have a conversation with your customers and sell products for you. They can be deployed into almost every aspect of your business, work in solitude, as back-up to a marketing team or a with a back-up of few members of a team.

Let us look at how chatbots can help maintain and expand businesses in various sectors:

How Chatbots Can Maintain and Expand Businesses

Every business wants to stay in operation. The goal is not to start and run out of business in a few years, but instead, grow and become larger. Chatbots can play their part in keeping a business operational as well as growing it beyond expectations.

Here are ways chatbots help maintain businesses:

Maintain Constant Communication with Customers

Chatbots helps businesses stay in touch with their customers. They work like the replica of a sales representative in a physical store, offering real-time interactive communication and assistance.

Well-built chatbots can also have simultaneous conversations with thousands of users answering questions, closing deals, directing them to your sales team, among many others.

By maintaining constant communication with your customers, chatbots help you build long-lasting relationships with them. Regular communication also allows chatbots to know more about your customers’ interest, behaviour, and preferences.

How chatbots can maintain and expand businesses

With the data gotten from their interests and preferences, chatbots can offer tailored services and personalised experiences. Chatbots can also build customer loyalty providing customised recommendations that centre around the customer’s interests.

Customer loyalty ensures they will always come back, significantly improving engagement and sales as well as keeping you in service for the foreseeable future.

Store up Records and Provide Smoother User Experience

Another way chatbots can maintain and also expand businesses is by saving customer data and records.

Chatbots can collect data like email address, phone number, birthday, payment details, among many other useful information that can provide customers, especially those returning with a faster and seamless experience.

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A survey showed that over 40% of users who had a good experience with a business would tell a friend or family member about it.

This means not only will providing a better experience for your customers bring them back, but it also increases your chances of getting new customers from them.

Supports Round-the-clock Availability

The availability of chatbots ensures that it can help maintain and expand businesses, even when key employees are absent.

Whether your business is large or small, providing customers with 24/7 availability will greatly impact client satisfaction and improved conversions.

Chatbots can keep your business available even when you or other employees are busy or not on duty.

As they do not have a closing time, lunch break, sick leave, holiday, and many other things that can keep human agents off work, chatbots keep your business active round-the-clock, provide support, and close sales.

While your competitors close for the weekend or public holiday, you can keep expanding your business by converting customers with your chatbot.

Low Maintenance Costs

Research in 2017 showed that in 5 years, chatbots would deal with 90% of all client inquiries. It’s 2021 and chatbots are already doing that. By next year they would cut business costs by more than $8 billion.

Implementing a well-designed chatbot like Zebrabuzz is way faster and cheaper than hiring employees for every task or creating a cross-platform app.

An employee may only be able to attend to one or two users per time. If it gets more than that, it could be challenging and can cause serious problems.

Hiring agents that would work all-year-round can be too expensive for a company. A chatbot can cut bonuses, wages, payouts, allowances, and many other expenses that come with hiring more hands.

With a free chatbot like Zebrabuzz, you will save up money that can be spread around other areas of your business.

Massive Leads Generation and Precise Qualification

Another way chatbots can maintain and expand businesses is by increasing their clientele. As leads are your potential customers, chatbots can help bring them in massive quantity through lead generation.

With artificial intelligence, chatbots like Zebrabuzz can also qualify leads by separating interested customers. These can be followed up on by the chatbot with product offers aimed at converting them or sent to your sales team for any further action.

With these and many others, chatbots can maintain and expand businesses whether other employees are available or not.

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