The narrative has changed for Artificial Intelligence nowadays. Although any mention of AI in time past will be related to sci-fi and things like that, in recent years, marketers have found AI to be important as these types of chatbots can transform your business significantly.

Chatbots are indeed the future, but they are here already. Just like the man’s step into the moon, moving from foot to wheels, this is the next big leap in digital marketing.

Chatbots are simply the best of both worlds. Implementing them does not mean “something has to suffer”. For example, AI-Powered bots Zebrabuzz and the likes can market your products while improving your customer service.

It is not one or the other. You can use AI-chatbots in almost every area of your business. AI this, AI that, what is AI? Before exploring how AI-Powered Chatbots can transform your business, let us start with what chatbots are.

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a virtual program that is designed to simulate conversations with businesses’ customers over the internet.

They can be integrated into several platforms like social media, websites, mobile apps, emails, and many more.

It is an artificial intelligence computer program that can simulate conversations with a user.

That word ‘Artificial Intelligence’ again, right? What is artificial intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

You know how smart humans are? How we can think, learn, and talk? Artificial intelligence in bots works similarly.

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to simulate conversations like humans. AI also ensures a machine can learn on its own and improve itself.

Basically, when you say a bot or machine has artificial intelligence, it means it has traits that are normally associated with human minds. Traits like problem-solving, learning, thinking, and so on are some of them.

AI is very important, and chatbots that have this capacity can transform your business positively.

However, not all bots have artificial intelligence. If you want chatbots to transform your business effectively, use AI-Powered bots.

While it is possible to categorise them into three, there are primarily two types of chatbots available today.

They are:

Scripted or Rule-Based Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI-Powered) Chatbots

AI-Powered bots are the smartest amongst the types of bots in the market today. They are the most intelligent of the lot; these chatbots know how to respond like humans.

They are arguably the best type of chatbots around. While the scripted chatbots adhere to set rules and programs, AI-Powered chatbots make their own rules.

They are very intelligent, more intelligent than the other types of chatbots but must be planned and guided properly to achieve maximum results.

AI-Powered chatbots like Zebrabuzz can transform your business because they have Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Semantic Comprehension.

The combination of these three is very important in helping your business improve and become better.

However, in what ways can chatbots help to transform your business? In what ways can they set you up to improve, achieve more, and be better than competitors?

It is no secret that competition in digital marketing is at its all-time high, and business must constantly move and improve.

This is why multinational companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Facebook, Apple, among many others regularly release updates to their software and apps; one begins to wonder that all the bigwigs above have implemented chatbots, why do you think that is?

It is because they understand chatbots can transform a business or an enterprise! Thankfully, it is not only available to multinational and large scale businesses.

Even as a small or medium-scale business, you can make use of chatbots to reap the same benefits that the large scale businesses are getting.

How Chatbots Can Transform Your Business

How can chatbots transform your business?

Improvement in your Business’ Customer Support

Chatbots Can Transform your Business Sales and Marketing

Store Data and Analyse Business Operations

How Chatbots Can Transform Business

Improvement in your Business’ Customer Support

Chatbots can completely revamp your customer support and service. Gone are the days when businesses had an opening and closing hours; chatbots have changed that.

Chatbots can transform your business’ customer service because they are always available. They are available round the clock to engage customers, answer questions, provide updates, sell products.

Their availability is such that your customers can reach out to you at any time during the day and get a reply immediately.

Hence, your business becomes available all the time, and your customers’ queries are answered and solved with immediate alacrity.

There are times when chatbots cannot answer a customer’s queries or some customers prefer to speak with human agents; chatbots can still handle that.

Artificial intelligence in chatbots makes it possible for them to analyse queries and transmit them to the right customer service unit to be answered by the right and qualified agent.

Some bots can order food for you, hail a taxi for you, and do so many other impressive things.

In digital marketing, chatbots can transform your business by scheduling appointments for your customers. This keeps things arranged and orderly.

Not only do they schedule appointments, but they can also remind customers when their scheduled date is close. Easy.

Click here to read more about AI in Customer Service.

Chatbots Can Transform your Business Sales and Marketing

Another significant area chatbots can transform your business is in sales and marketing.

Making profits is paramount to any business, and chatbots can help you make a lot more than you currently do.

Chatbots can help generate quality leads that eventually become conversions. Leads are your potential customers, and chatbots will help you get them.

In terms of marketing, chatbots help advertise products. Chatbot marketing is more effective than any other type of marketing with about 70-85% open rate. Some chatbots like Zebrabuzz offer up to 90-95% open rate.

The closest form of marketing that comes close to this is email marketing, and it is miles behind with assurances of a maximum of 10% open rate.

Also, chatbots can make marketing better in that they can offer personalised adverts. They can use your customers’ data and preferences to find out what they want, and recommending products based on their past choices on your business page.

This is why artificial intelligence is significant in how chatbots transform your business. Not only do they make more money, but they can also save more and leave room for you to manoeuvre.

The cost of implementing a chatbot is little compared to what it will take to hire and maintain human resources.

There is no such thing as salaries or wages, bonuses, hazard and overtime payments etc. among many other expenses that you accrue with human workforces.

Nevertheless, chatbots may be smart, but it is smarter to have backup human agents. However, the usual number is significantly reduced as well-built chatbots can do the majority of the work effectively.

Store Data and Analyse Business Operations

You just read that chatbots can store data. They can be your data bank wherein all of your customers’ details, choices, and preferences are safely kept.

They can also analyse your business operations because chatbots can provide insights on your business.

Where you need to improve, how customers are faring on your page, the products customers like, the ones that are not doing so well, the most frequently faced problems on your business page are many of the things chatbots can help you find answers to through insights.

Although they may have gained popularity over the last few years, the fact remains that any 21st-century business that is intent on improvement must have chatbots to transform their business. As the industry is still developing, this is the best time to start.

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