Chatbots have changed the way marketers and business owners communicate, market, and offer customer service. The introduction of Facebook Messenger bots ushered in numerous possibilities that chatbots offer.

As chatbot marketing waxes stronger day-by-day and is being used in almost any industry you can think of, now more than ever is a time to get started with chatbots.

With many more improvements yet to be made, artificial intelligence in free chatbots like Zebrabuzz represents a host of opportunities for smart business owners.

AI chatbots like this have improved efficiency, boosted sales, built long-lasting relationships with customers, among many other benefits. Now is the time for you to get started and experience the power of chatbots in your processes. How?

How to Get Started with Chatbots

Chatbots are getting smarter daily, and bigwigs like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and so many others are already using them.

Therefore, it would be wise for any online business to get started with this innovative tool to engage with their subscribers and create sales. Here is a simple guide to get you started.

How to get started with chabots

Connect with a Non-Coding Platform

Many people while getting started with chatbots commission it out to developers. While that may be beneficial in some cases, it often ends in a sour experience for them.

From costs that can be as high as $30,000 to many complexities that eventually put people off, asking a developer to help you build your chatbot may not be the smartest choice for you when you are getting started in this industry.

Instead, using a platform like Zebrabuzz is the simplest and fastest way to get started with chatbots. You can build your AI chatbot and connect with your users and subscribers within minutes.

The platform does not require you to have any programming knowledge as it is a non-coding platform. All you need to is sign up, link your Facebook page and create your bot replies.

Other features of this chatbot tool include:

  • Zebrabuzz can recognize any keyword you want.
  • It can integrate with the major payment gateways.
  • It also has a Facebook auto comment or autoresponder tool that can automatically reply privately or publicly to comments on your Facebook page as well as an auto liker tool that can help you like comments, replies, and Facebook pages and boost likes on your page.
  • This tool has a social poster tool that automatically posts your products on several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, WordPress site, Medium, etc.
  • It can also take orders and sell your products directly via Facebook Messenger.
  • You can integrate it to other channels like your website, social media pages, SMS, email, etc.

Set a Target and Expectation for your Bot

In whatever we do, setting targets helps us know what we want, and it is also a good indicator of how much we have achieved. The same applies here.

When you get started with chatbots, define what you expect. At the end of the year, month, or week as the case may be with you; you can then analyze and see if your goals have been met.

As chatbots like Zebrabuzz offer many features, this helps you achieve more of your goals and targets.

Let your Customers Meet your Bot First

Ensure you approach your users and customers with your bot. One effective way to do this is by creating a very effective welcome message capable of catching and holding attention.

Also, use the welcome message to let your customers know what your business offers and how they can get each product or service.

Studies also show that placing a chatbot on your landing page can almost double your conversions if you have a website.

Create your Bot Replies

While creating your bot conversion, always ensure you it is conversational. Let your bot’s conversational flow be natural and unforced. This will reduce friction between customers and your bot.

Also, use popular keywords and chat triggers that are more likely to be used. Another thing to note while creating your bot replies is to set you chatbot up so that it can respond to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Most times, when your users visit your online business page or website, they are looking for answers.

You can make a survey and find out the questions that people tend to ask or the questions you think your users may ask based on the type of business you do, then equip your bot with replies that can answer them.

Optimize your Bot Regularly to Stay Updated

As you try to get started with chatbots, the process does not end after creating your chatbot. You must also regularly update your chatbot.

At the end of each circle (it could be weekly or monthly for you, just ensure it is regular,) evaluate your chatbot to see the places it needs to improve.

This also works best if there are questions it was unable to answer. By evaluating, you will stay atop the competition and give your customers the best experience.

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