As competition in online marketing is at an all-time high, there is a need for you to refine your marketing and customer support. This is to ensure a different and better type of service that will, in the long run, boost conversions.

Omnichannel is an approach to sales and customer support that aims at creating multiple channels to shopping.

Having a variety of channels that make it easy for customers to shop from you has many benefits, one of which is that it can significantly boost your sales.

However, as many businesses already have various channels where customers can buy from, it is important to improve your brand’s Omnichannel experience to stand apart.

Improving this strategy of your business also means ensuring the services you provide on each channel is impeccable.

Of all the ways to improve your omnichannel experience, one of the most effective is through chatbot marketing.

Automating your business marketing and customer support with chatbots like Zebrabuzz will ensure your customers have smooth experiences when buying from you.

How Chatbots Can Improve Omnichannel Experience

A chatbot is a marketing tool that can simulate conversation with customers and sell products. It is the ultimate Omnichannel tool because it can be integrated into many communication platforms to improve customer experience.

how to improve omnichannel experience with chatbots

Chatbots like Zebrabuzz, for example, can function effectively on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and the likes as well as your e-commerce website, via email, SMS, and so on.

Chatbots take Omnichannel to the next level, and there are many ways you can use them to improve how you provide smooth customer experience as well as effective marketing on a variety of channels.

Take your Business to your Customers

Taking your business to your customers is a great way to improve their experience. Usually, many marketers rely on their e-commerce websites, and some times, social media to market their products.

This restriction in the number of channels can give customers a hard time when buying. However, you can take your business to your customers with chatbot marketing features like e-commerce in Messenger.

  • E-Commerce in Messenger

E-commerce in Messenger is a feature of Zebrabuzz that allows customers to buy on Facebook Messenger. As Omnichannel means your customers get to reach you on several platforms, you can make the process better by ensuring they can buy directly on instant messaging platforms like Messenger.

While your customers are chatting with their loved ones, they can simply shop without having to leave their comfort zone. Learn how to create an e-commerce in Messenger store here.

  • Email Marketing

Another way you can take your business to your customers and improve their Omnichannel experience is by using email marketing.

Email marketing can be very useful, and chatbots make it better and simpler. Highly intelligent chatbots like Zebrabuzz can capture subscriber emails and build massive lists.

With this chatbot, you can make email marketing easier. When you have a Zebrabuzz chatbot, for example, can automatically send emails to your customers about offers, updates, promos, and so on. It will also provide a link to purchase, meaning customers can still shop from their emails.

Although some marketers are beginning to neglect email marketing, it can still be very useful. In fact, a study has shown that 45-year-olds and above tend to use emails more.

If not for any reason, use chatbots to improve the Omnichannel experience of this category of your customers.

how to improve omnichannel experience with chatbots

Personalised Interactions and Experience

Chabot marketing can help do the following:

  • Send tailored offerings to customers based on their data and what they may be interested in.
  • Automatically like customers’ comments and messages with tools like Zebrabuzz Facebook Auto Liker.
  • Ensure you provide immediate response with tools like Facebook auto commenter or autoresponder and solve problems faster.
  • Tag customers and use their name to give a personal touch to customers.
  • Gather customer data and help know more about them to improve their experience with you. This will lead to customer loyalty as the more chatbots allow you to know about them, the better the service you give them.

All these contribute to ensuring you provide customised services which will keep customers coming back, and ultimately boost your sales.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Reminders

Another way you can boost your Omnichannel experience is through abandoned cart reminders. Often, many customers tend to forget about their purchase and do not checkout before being taken by another thing.

You can make their experience better by sending reminders to complete their purchase.

Chatbots, as a marketing tool, can send these reminders via Messenger, emails, SMS, and so on with links to make the purchase.

By reminding customers on multiple platforms with a Zebrabuzz AI chatbot, you will not only improve the Omnichannel experience of your customers but also increase your chances of more sales.

Available Across all Channels Simultaneously

The availability of chatbots is unmatched. They can be everywhere at the same time.

As Omnichannel means you have many platforms that offer sales and customer service, it is important to be available on all of them regularly.

One channel cannot be preferred to another because you do not know which your customers feel more comfortable to shop with.

However, as it will not be easy to be on many channels at the same time answering and responding to customers as well as selling products, chatbots can help achieve this.

With chatbots, you can remain available 24/7 on all of the channels you use without any of them being less active than the other.

Your Zebrabuzz chatbot will improve your Omnichannel experience and will be available for all of your customers regardless of the channel they choose.

Effortless Payment Systems

Offering effortless payment systems on all the platforms you choose for your brand is another great way to improve your business’ Omnichannel customer experience.

There are many payment gateways. Integrating the major ones into the channels you use will make shopping easier for your customers. Zebrabuzz, for instance, can integrate up to 6 of the major payment systems in the world today.

By being able to pay in almost any way possible, customers will get a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Self-Service Feature

Chatbots also offer self-service, which is great for your Omnichannel improvement strategies. Customers want to get things done, and some times will like to get it done by themselves.

They feel a kind of fulfilment that they were able to fix their issues on their own using guides from you. Chatbots can be used to provide step-by-step guides for customers to follow and solve their issues quickly.

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