It would be convenient to send a message to everyone on Facebook Messenger at once, but as of now, it can’t be done.

Facebook has no ‘Select All’ feature, and it limits the number of people you can send message to at once to 150.

However, there are still ways you can interact with everyone on Facebook. You can post on your profile, start a page, invite friends to like it, create an event, create a group, and have everyone you want to send a message to join.

Nevertheless, for all the methods above, there are still some limitations that only sending a message to all at once can solve. Hence, this blog will show you how you can send a message to everyone on Facebook Messenger with a simple chatbot.

Chatbots like Zebrabuzz can send messages to everyone on Facebook no matter how many they are. It can also send messages to non-Facebook users. We will discuss how you can achieve this later in the blog.

How Do You Send A Message To Everyone On Facebook Messenger

Messaging Everyone on Facebook

Sending a message to all your contacts on Facebook requires you to use the instant messaging platform, Messenger.

You can either send individual messages or choose to send to a group of people at once. You need to input each subscriber or person individually when selecting more than one person to send to because there is no feature to ‘Select All’ on Facebook Messenger for sending messages.

Also, as there is a cap of 150 people you can send to at once, you will run into a limitation should you choose to input your entire friends in the ‘To’ box.


Invite Friends to an Event

This works better if you have something to promote. You can create an event and invite a large group of your friends using a ‘Select All’ feature.

You can then proceed to either hosting a live chat or posting multiple messages that will be received by everyone that accepted the invite.

However, an event on Facebook has its limitations. For example, you cannot invite more than 500 people.

Suppose you have more friends you want to send messages to, let’s say up to 5000, you will have to create 10 events, and Facebook does not allow users to create events using multiple non-sequential dates.

Also, an event can only last for up to a maximum of 2 weeks.

invite friends

Create a Group Chat

Another way you can try to send a message to everyone on Facebook Messenger is by creating a group chat. Here is how to do this:

  • Open the Compose Message box just as you would when trying to send an individual message. Select New Group instead of the New Message you would have chosen.
  • Input the group’s name in the box that displays next and choose the people you want in the group.
  • You can send a message to everyone on that Facebook Messenger group at once. However, members of the group can leave at any time, meaning they will no longer receive your messages.

NOTE: Some Facebook users do not appreciate people adding them to a group, especially if you did not ask. If you would have to ask, you still need to send messages, hence, another limitation.

Obviously, with these three methods of sending a message to everyone on Facebook Messenger, there are notable limitations. Firstly, there is a limit of 150. Then another limit of 500 with a 2-week window and lastly, the need to ask for permission individually and manually before being able to add them to the group chats.


Profile Post

Also, to reach everyone at once, you have to post the message on your profile. However, not all your Facebook users will see every post on their newsfeeds which mean there is no assurance that all or majority of your contacts will see the message.


Sending a Message to Everyone on Facebook Messenger with Zebrabuzz

With Zebrabuzz, you can send a message to everyone on your Facebook Messenger contact list. There are no limitations to the number of users you want to send the message to.

You can send message to everyone and have it delivered immediately or schedule it to be delivered later and at a set interval.

That is, if you want to send a message now or later but want it to be sent periodically without having to go through the process of creating the message and selecting the people all over again; you can achieve that by simply scheduling a campaign with this free Facebook Messenger tool.

Also, with Zebrabuzz, you don’t have to manually select the people you want to send a message to on Facebook Messenger unless you choose to leave out some users, which is also possible. You can send to all your contacts at a go.

In addition, Zebrabuzz is a Messenger chatbot tool. Therefore, you can automate a message sequence that will ask for permission to send messages to each contact. You will then send your message to everyone who opts into your service.

This Messenger chatbot tool can also send the message to everyone on Facebook Messenger and still include each person’s names as if you sent it individually.

This tool has been created to work on all the limitations of manually sending messages to all of your contacts and adding other benefits and improvements.

There are also other features like social posting, which allows the tool to make organic posts for you to all your social media platforms, including Facebook without need for supervision.

This can run for as long as you want. You can learn more about the Zebrabuzz social poster feature here.

Many things can be accomplished with this tool, and you can get started for free now.

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