Customers are the bedrock of every business. There must be a continuous flow of new customers to sustain the company.

With the advent of various automation tools, you do not have to go through long, exhaustive processes to get new customers and increase your revenue.

Tools like chatbots and others have simplified the process so that you can set them to get more customers for you through free leads in a few easy steps.

Today, you can easily generate massive leads with a well-designed chatbot like Zebrabuzz and others, and subsequently, boost your conversion rates in record time.

What is a Lead Generation Chatbot?

A lead chatbot is a bot that usually uses a conversational marketing approach to identify prospective customers, build-up their interest in your products and services, and cultivate long-lasting relationships.

They could be AI-based with forms of artificial intelligence like Natural Language Processing (NLP) or rule-based.

Lead generation chatbots like Zebrabuzz can also qualify the leads, collect their information, store them up, and offer business or product update and information in return.

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How to Generate free leads with a chatbot

Why you should Use Chatbots for Lead Generation

There are several reasons why you should generate leads with a chatbot. Here are some of the ideal benefits on offer from lead generation bots:

  1. Higher Conversion Rate

The average conversions for e-commerce sites in 2020 was just 2.86% which is not great news, particularly if your website is part of your marketing and sales plans.

This low rate’s main reason is that many sites use lead form submissions as their type of conversion system.

However, with the conversion rate that comes with this, it is clear that a better solution should be sought.

Thankfully, there is one. Lead generation bots can help you boost your conversion rates in no time. For example, Zebrabuzz can offer more than 3X more leads than you would averagely get.

Often, your customers get distracted from the main call-to-action on your site. However, placing your lead or landing page on lead generation chatbot will eliminate any form of distractions as customers will focus on interacting with the bot.

When a visitor lands on your website or social media page, they can chat with your chatbot, which will ask a few questions to get their information and their purpose of coming. That way, you already know the prospect, what is left is giving them exactly what they want.

These data can be sent immediately and directly to your sales platform or CRM who will take the next step in turning the lead into a customer.

  • Personalised Experience

Another reason you should generate leads with a chatbot is to give a personalised journey to each lead.

Generic conversion systems like forms and the likes can be ineffective and boring. Without a human touch to your services, you can drive customers away from either your website or social media platforms.

A conversational tool like chatbot can welcome a prospect, get information on what they need and what they like and give tailored offerings that are best suited to them. This will boost customer loyalty and in the long run, increase their return rate.

  • Take Customers Through Sales Funnel Faster

Many visitors on an e-commerce website or social media get discouraged when reading through paragraphs and pages trying to find relevant details. However, with a chatbot, they no longer have to do that.

A lead chatbot will deliver the information they require through a simple conversation and in no time, the user is satisfied and already a customer.

  • Ease and Convenience

As chatbots are faster, they are also convenient for all parties involved. For the prospect, they can get instant information. Studies show that the average web user only visits 1.7 pages while browsing.

No one wants to take too long, and with chatbots, they do not have to. Your prospects can find what they need without scanning through pages or products on your social media or website.

This works like a sales attendant would. The prospective customer enters, says what they want, and it is delivered instantly.

Convenience for you and your staff means you don’t have to go through the drawn-out process any longer. For instance, with Zebrabuzz, you will save a lot of time as all leads will have been qualified.

There are other benefits, like the cost of building a chatbot which is cheap. You can build your bot yourself with non-coding platforms like Zebrabuzz and generate free leads with the chatbot.

How to Generate Free leads with chatbot

How to Generate Free Leads with Zebrabuzz Chatbot

Here are the steps to generate free leads with your chatbot:

  1. Set Up your Zebrabuzz Chatbot
  2. Configure your Replies
  3. Ask for User Name
  4. Request for Email and Contact
  5. Continue Chat with Text with Buttons Reply
  6. Use Web Form Builder


Set Up your Zebrabuzz chatbot

To generate free leads with a chatbot, you must first create the bot. Navigate to your Zebrabuzz dashboard and click Messenger Bot.

Remember to enable bot connection on your Facebook page. You can do this by clicking the plug icon beside your page name after importing the account.

To set up your bot, you will configure the replies that will help you generate the free leads with the Zebrabuzz chatbot.

Configure your Replies

You only need two reply types to generate free leads with your chatbot successfully. These are Quick Reply and Text with Buttons.

A quick reply is a pre-programmed response that you set up and is sent by your chatbot to avoid repeating the same reply over and over to different users.

It can also be used to collect email and phone contact of your users. Here is how to create a quick reply that can be used to collect leads:

From your Zebrabuzz dashboard, go to Messenger Bot and click Bot Settings.

Select the preferred Facebook page. Bot Reply Settings is selected by default. Click on Add Bot Reply.

Write a bot name as well as keywords that will trigger the bot reply. Set the reply type to be “Quick Reply” from the drop-down list and write the message to be sent in the Message Box.

Next, set “Button Type” to “User-Email Address.” The Button Text is disabled for Quick Reply, so you need not edit it. Click Submit to create the reply.

The quick reply can function as your greeting message. It will also function the same way on your e-commerce website.

PRO TIP: When asking for their email address, include a lead magnet. A lead magnet means offering a free service like an e-book, coupon, discounts, etc. in exchange for their email address.

Ask for User Name

Unlike some other lead generation chatbots, Zebrabuzz can get the user’s name without asking for it. That means, instead of asking for a user’s name, your chatbot will automatically pick it up from their profile.

Using their names while interacting with them will give a personal touch to their experience.

Text with Buttons

The text with buttons gives multiple options that the prospect can click to continue the chat. However, with a text with button option, you can collect more information.

You can collect the email address, phone number, location, birthday, among many others. You can also give the user the chance to switch from chatting with a bot to a human.

To do this, simply go through the same steps as the quick reply, but this time, set the reply time to text with buttons and edit the respective buttons to the information you want to collect.

Continue Chat with Text with Buttons Reply

Now that you have their contact, they have become leads. You can always send product updates, tailored offerings, among many others.

You can also continue the conversation and take your leads deeper through the sales funnel and ultimately convert them.

If you sell products, you can create a text with buttons reply that continues the conversation by allowing them to choose what they would like to buy or the services they want.

When next they come, you already have their contact, and their preferences and your chatbot will be able to offer a tailored experience based on their data.

Use Web Form Builder

You can also collect leads with a web form builder. It is easy to build a web form. Simply navigate to the Messenger Bot menu under the Messenger Tools section. Select Web Form and click Action to start creating a form that collects leads’ information. You can also watch the short video on how to create a web form.

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