If your customers are not reaching you or you want more exposure than you currently have, then you need to promote your business, and there are not many better places to do it than on Facebook.

Although when people think of online marketing and networking, they think of LinkedIn first, Facebook can, in fact, do a more effective job, if, of course, used right.

Facebook has about 2 billion monthly active users presently, and it is currently the most used social media platform. That is, you already have the audience for you.

The platform also has a function called the Facebook Marketplace for businesses to showcase their products. Just like your local hardware store and many more, you have a stage to display your goods and services.

With over 800 million active users of Facebook Marketplace, if you are not getting patronage, then you need to change something!

While the platform has provided you with many people, you need to promote your business on Facebook to reach a specific client base that will be useful for you.

Here in this blog, you will be introduced to some very powerful ways you can leverage Facebook to help your business reach more customers.

How to Promote your Business on Facebook

Create a Business Page

Ensure you Post Regularly

Engage your Followers

Take advantage of Facebook Promoted Posts

Consider Using Facebook Ads

Host Giveaways and Contests

Promote Facebook Page on other Social Media Platforms

Create a Business Page

If you want to promote your business on Facebook, the first step is to create a business page for your business.

A business page gives you a bonafide and professional presence on Facebook; your personal Facebook profile is not enough.

Also, instead of sending out friend requests, your users and potential customers will have to like your page to see your posts.

Asides creating a business page, you should also ensure you add as much information as possible.

Basic information like business hours, address, website, contact information etc. should be on your page.

If you are getting messages from people asking basic information like the above, it could indicate a poorly written business page bio.

Pictures and videos are also very important. Ensure you add enough images to your business page.

Also, do not forget to post positive reviews from customers as some people may want to patronise but may not be sure. The confirmation from other people could go a long way in convincing your potential customers.

Ensure you Post Regularly

Consistency is key if you want to successfully promote your business to your existing and potential customers on Facebook.

Always post. Always. You must do more than simply setting up a business page. It is advised you make two or more posts daily.

Moreover, while you need to post regularly, ensure the content you post is of quality.

Also, post content that is relevant to your customers. If you are unsure about the kind of content they like, you could run a poll.

Thankfully, Facebook Insights is a free tool to use for every business page and will show you valuable information about each post, for example, the number of engagements with each post and the number of people it reached.

Engage your Followers

It is also not enough to make posts; you must constantly engage customers. To promote your business on Facebook, ensure you are always interacting with your customers.

Do not be the business that ignores customers questions, comments or queries. Do not keep them waiting too long as well.

If your schedule is tight, you may hire the services of an agent to respond to your customers immediately or consider integrating a chatbot which is quicker and could be cost-effective.

In your engagement, try to be friendly and conversational, but do not throw professionalism out the window.

Take advantage of Facebook Promoted Posts.

Facebook allows you to pay a certain amount to increase your impressions and reach for a post.

A promoted post that is properly designed contains the details of your business, as well as juicy offers, can work effectively.

They increase your chances of getting seen on a user’s feeds. These promoted posts are shown to existing users, but with an option to reach the friends of users.

The limitation of Facebook promoted posts is that they do not have the targeting options that Facebook Ads.

You can easily set up promoted posts by clicking the button under any post on your page.

Consider Using Facebook Ads

Another brilliant way to promote your business on Facebook is by using the Facebook Ads feature.

Facebook Ads can be highly effective. Here are some of the features they offer:

  • Demographic targeting such as age, location, interests, education. Facebook does this by using user data.
  • You can also set your ad budgets.
  • You can also advertise products in your location, which is a great feature for local businesses.
  • There is also a feature of a built-in ad performance measurement.
  • Ad testing

Although Facebook does not release details about ads CTRs, the average CTR is measured at 0.0051%with CPC is $0.80 on average.

Facebook Ads can also be used to increase the number of people that like your page. More likes mean more followers for your business page.

More users will end up interacting with your page, which will, in the long run, lead to conversions.

Host Giveaways and Contests

While you may not use this at first, especially if you have a small scale business, you can consider to in the long run.

Hosting Facebook giveaways and contests will increase traffic which means more users get to see your page. This will help to promote your business on Facebook.

You can also offer juicy deals and promo offers like the conventional “buy one, get one free,” or other forms of giveaways and contests.

It is also smart to ensure anyone who wants to participate must first like your page. Another smart thing to do is to ensure the contests are fairly easy so more people will participate.

Remember, you’re doing it for the traffic this time.

Promote Facebook Page on other Social Media Platforms

Most people who use Facebook today have other accounts on other social media platforms. However, their use rates defer.

Some of your potential clients who have Facebook may not be on there all the time and may spend more time on other platforms.

Therefore, because it is a Facebook page does not mean you cannot take it out of Facebook. You cannot neglect the customers who are not very active on Facebook.

That being said, another way to promote your business on Facebook is out of Facebook. This means your business will also need accounts on other social media platforms.

Share your business page on Facebook to other platforms so more people can see. If you are sharing useful and helpful content, people will go check it out!

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