Facebook users can become a fan once they ‘Like’ your page using the respective button. When this is done, you will be able to send messages from your Facebook page to all the fans that have liked your page.

Also, once a user becomes a fan of your page, they will be able to receive updates in their Facebook news feed.

However, Facebook does not allow you to send messages from your page to all fans. However, there are a few solutions that can help you contact your fans directly on Facebook.

You can use some of these methods to accomplish this.

  • Add a Message Post on your Facebook Page Wall (A few Disadvantages)
  • Target Page Fans Using a Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ad
  • Use Facebook Autoresponder

Add a Message Post on your Facebook Page Wall

One of the ways this blog will show you if you want to send messages from your Facebook page to all fans is by adding a message post on your Facebook page wall.

Although it can be effective, you can run into some challenges. For instance, when you add a message post to your Facebook page’s wall, it can be seen by everyone on the internet who views your wall.

This can prove to be a problem, especially if the message is meant exclusively for your fans.

Also, although the post will appear in your fans’ news feed, not all of them will see every post on their newsfeed, which means there is no assurance that all or majority of them will see the message.

This can alter the effectiveness of this method. However, here are the steps to accomplishing this:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook page
  2. Hover your mouse on ‘Pages’ in the left menu. Click on ‘More’ which will display a full list of your pages.
  3. Choose the Facebook page that you want to send messages from to your fans.
  4. Type the message you want to send in the ‘Write Something’ input box under the Status tab beneath the Share toolbar over the wall.
  5. Click on the Padlock icon under the text box and set it to ‘Public’. As everyone can see it with this setting, you will be able to send any message you have written to all your fans.
  6. Suppose you want to use retargeting settings to select fans you want to send the message to especially if they are in particular countries or speak certain languages. Type the country and language into their respective input boxes.
  7. Click ‘Share’ to post the message.

By doing this, you will be able to send the message on your Facebook page to all your fans because they would be able to see it. However, the message is also open to other people, and your fans may miss it when they open their Facebook newsfeed.

How to Send Messages From Facebook Page To All Fans

Click-to-Messenger Ads

Another way you can send messages from your Facebook page to all fans is to run a click-to-Messenger Ad. However, you will need to automate with a chatbot that will ensure you are always available for this to work effectively.

When you run an ad like this, you will ensure the retargeting is set to your Page’s fans. That is people who like your page. Once they click on the ad and message your page, they will become a contact.

By creating a Messenger chatbot like Zebrabuzz, you will have a tool readily available to engage the user and send follow-up messages later because they have been saved on the Zebrabuzz database.

With Zebrabuzz, you can send direct messages to all your fans at a go. You can also schedule the way you send these messages if you want them to be sent at a later date or time.

Suppose you also do not want to send to all your fans but only the fans in a particular county or want to send to a specific gender, this bot can do that.

There is also a drag-and-drop dashboard where you can edit and change your bot settings seamlessly.

Use Facebook Post Autoresponder

Using a Zebrabuzz Facebook post autoresponder is also a great way to send messages from your Facebook page to all fans. Most of the users who comment on your Facebook posts are already your fans.

This Facebook post autoresponder will automatically send a message through Facebook Messenger to a user who comments on your Facebook posts. It can reply to the comment directly via comments or send a private message immediately.

This builds instant engagement on your Facebook page. With the Zebrabuzz Facebook autoresponder feature, all the fans that comments on your post will get a message sent directly to them. This can be the message you intend to send to all your fans.

If the message requires an action to be made, you can set that up on your dashboard and ensure a button or link accompanies the message.

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