About 50% of small businesses fold up within the first five years, and this is largely due to money-related issues.

Small businesses face a lot of financial problems, and while some of them could do little about it, many have fallen because they simply spent too much money than they should, especially on their marketing.

Many businesses that have failed today followed the belief that you have to spend money to make money.

This is not entirely true in marketing. Although you may have to spend in some cases, you no longer have to spend the kind of money that will put a strain on your budget. There are several ways to spend less money on your small business marketing.

Also, with the advent of marketing tools like AI chatbots and social media autoresponders, there are many ways small businesses can have a cost-effective approach to their marketing.

Chatbot marketing is one of the best routes to spending a token on your marketing. Also, with some chatbot marketing software like Zebrabuzz, you will get a tool that combines all the functionalities necessary for businesses into features that can be used seamlessly.

To ensure you are never in financial risks as a small business, this blog will show some ways you can spend less money on small business marketing.

Have a Marketing Budget

Do you have a marketing budget for your small business or your spending is impulsive? Many small businesses make the mistake of just winging their marketing budget, and this can cause serious problems for the brand’s survival.

Some small business owners feel they are willing to “spend whatever it takes” to get more customers which you should not do. Have a carefully-planned approach to spending.

Minimise impulsive spending to the barest minimum.

Use Social Media

To spend less money on small business marketing, the 21st -century business owner and marketer must learn how to use social media.

How to Spend Less Money on Small Business Marketing

Take a look at your resources; can you handle many social media platforms with high consistency? If you are not sure or your answer is no, choose one or two. One of the best which have proven to be highly useful for brands who want to spend less money on their small business marketing is Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook, for instance, has over 2 billion active users and its messaging app, Messenger has 1.3 billion active users.

These social media platforms also allow you to integrate marketing tools like the Zebrabuzz chatbot, Facebook auto commenter, and auto liker in your business. More on these later in the blog. Suppose you also want to learn how you can use social media for marketing, read the blog on it here.

You can also send constant messages and make posts about your products on social media. There are billions of people on social media, so there are endless possibilities of boosting your marketing to reach more customers.

Automation tools like Zebrabuzz can also be integrated into your social media pages. Zebrabuzz is a marketing tool that can simulate conversation with your customers as well as sell products on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and many others.

This tool can easily take control of your social media marketing, and you also do not need to increase employee headcount, which can strain your social media marketing budget.

Email Marketing

Besides social media, email marketing is also a great way to spend less money on your small business marketing.

All you need do is gather the email address of any user that contacts you, and send promotional materials updates, offers, and new deals to your customers regularly. Be careful not to spam them.

Gathering and sending emails manually can be burdensome, especially to many customers. One of the best ways you can build massive email lists is through chatbots.

When integrated into your website or social media pages, marketing tools like Zebrabuzz can collect the emails of each of your subscribers and send constant updates to them.

Although the open rate of email marketing is between 10-15% at best, it is still a great way to save money on your small business marketing considering you are not spending any money to do it.

optimization your conversations with this app

Make Organic Posts Regularly

Another way to spend less money on your small business marketing is by making regular organic posts. Be consistent with the posts that market your products and services.

With the Zebrabuzz social poster feature, you can set a campaign for months that will keep making regular posts to your social media pages. This is because manually posting your products can tire you out, especially if you want to be consistent, which you should be.

You also don’t have to hire new hands. Remember, we are trying to spend less money on your small business marketing here.

When making your organic posts, ensure you make use of visual content like images and video. Many people on social media will not be patient to read large volumes of text.

Therefore, get creative with visual content and automate the posting with your Zebrabuzz chatbot!

Word of Mouth

It may sound cliche, but word of mouth can also help boost your social media marketing. Tell friends and families about your business and ask for referrals after completing a service.

If you are doing a great job, people will unconsciously mention you when talking about things related to your business.

As you can see, there are many ways you can spend little on your small business marketing and still get more sales and new customers than your competitors spending a fortune. All these can be achieved with automating the process with chatbot marketing. Not only does this it boost your sales, it is an automation tool that make things easier for you as well.

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