Part of the goals of every business is to improve and boost their e-commerce. Boosting your e-commerce means ycou also need to increase your customers, who will help increase sales.

One of the best places to find more than enough customers to boost your e-commerce sales is on Facebook Messenger.

Messenger provides an avenue for businesses to reach new and existing customers and sell products easily.

There are about a billion monthly active users of Messenger, i.e. people who use the platform to message their family, friends, and now, potentially your business.

However, Facebook analytics show that there are over 90 million small businesses already on chatbot, meaning you have yourself a stiff competition.

Therefore, with this competition comes the need to automate your operations to pull ahead of your rivals and provide unrivalled services.

There is no better way to automate your services than with the use of chatbots. With a Facebook Messenger chatbot like Zebrabuzz, you can look forward to greater functions that will allow you to boost your e-commerce significantly.

You can use Zebrabuzz Messenger chatbot to optimise the services you render and ensure you become miles ahead of your competition as well as providing services that keep customers coming back.

Ways to Use Messenger Chatbot to Boost your Business

Ninety million small scale businesses on Facebook Messenger, about 110,000 e-commerce sites with over 50% not generating revenue that is of meaningful scale on the internet; therefore, to separate your business, you need to be exceptional in terms of your products and services.

As automation has proven to be an outstanding choice, here are a few ways you can use Facebook Messenger chatbot to boost e-commerce effectively:

  • Make Ordering Easy
  • Offer Product and Service Guides
  • Preventing Cart Abandonment
  • Via Product Recommendations and Personalised Content Delivery
How to use Messenger chatbot to boost e-commerce

Make Buying and Selling Easy

Statistics show that only people above 45 years of age are more likely to use emails more than instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and the likes. This means you have a whole generation as potential customers.

Also, 1 out of every 3 smartphone user makes use of instant messaging apps. However, switching between the apps while chatting to place an order on e-commerce sites is not always convenient. This issue has now been solved.

Zebrabuzz is a Messenger chatbot that has a feature which allows you to integrate your e-commerce store into Facebook Messenger.

This means that your customers no longer have to leave their favourite app to buy from you. With this feature, they can access your store right there on Facebook Messenger.

This makes buying from you convenient, and as your store has become very accessible whenever they are working or chatting, more customers will like the convenience, which will boost your e-commerce sales.

How to use Messenger chatbot to boost e-commerce sales

Offer Product and Service Guides

As buying on e-commerce sites may be quite different from the interface of Facebook Messenger, some customers may need help with navigation.

A Messenger chatbot can be an exceptional product guide for your e-commerce as you can simulate a conversation with them.

Chatbots like Zebrabuzz make conversations more fun and engaging for customers because of the use of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, your customers can easily message your Messenger chatbot to give them detailed information about a product they want to buy, get the benefits of the products, and get all their concerns answered.

Studies show that over 83% of online shoppers need help to complete their order, while over 70% expect the help to come within a minute. Therefore, if these customers do not get help immediately, you risk losing them to competition.

As Messenger chatbots are available 24/7 and fast with responses, you get to respond to your customers with whatever they need, which will boost your e-commerce sales.

The speedy reply is made even better by Zebrabuzz as you can set the response delay time of your chatbot to whatever time you want starting from ‘0 second.’

Preventing Cart Abandonment

All e-commerce businesses have and will experience a lot of cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is when your customers select and add products they want to buy to their cart but do not complete the purchase by checking out.

There are so many reasons why this happens. It could be because they forgot, had to do something urgent, slow page loading, among many others.

Messenger chatbot can help solve this problem by increasing your e-commerce conversions through abandoned cart recovery reminders.

Studies show that a reminder message from a chatbot can recover up to 20% more sales and generate up to 10 times more revenue!

Zebrabuzz, for instance, has a feature known as ‘abandoned cart recovery reminder’ which sends reminders to any customer that forgot to complete a purchase. The reminder can come with a link straight to the product checkout page where the customer can check out.

This feature of the Messenger chatbot will help boost your e-commerce sales significantly. To learn more about Zebrabuzz abandoned cart recovery reminder, read the blog on it here.

Via Product Recommendations and Personalised Content Delivery

Artificial intelligence in Messenger chatbots can help suggest products to your customers which will boost customer experience and e-commerce sales.

As Zebrabuzz is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence features, your customers get to see products that are similar to their choices. It will give customers a personalised experience and deliver content based on their preferences and data.

This will increase traffic on your page and also increases your conversion rate as customers are more likely to make more purchases, even expensive ones, after seeing other products you have in stock.

Chatbots can serve multiple uses; there are several ways it can be used including increasing your chances of leads that eventually become conversions through higher open rates of up to 95% compared to email marketing’s 10%.

As Messenger chatbot can offer massive benefits and make the sales cycle faster and easier on both you and your customers, the time is now to fully automate your e-commerce processes, separate yourself and pull ahead.

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