Social media is a great place to market your products. With billions of active users, you already have your customers waiting for you.

There are many ways marketers use to increase traffic and conversions on their social media pages. However, many business owners and marketers end up spending a fortune to get what they want.

Sometimes they do not get as much as they should from the money they have spent. This money can put a strain on your budget, whether you are a small business owner or you own a group of large companies.

Hence, it is important to find a new and cost-effective way for social media marketing. With many potentials waiting for you on social media, the importance of social media marketing can not be overemphasised.

Presently, automation is the newest way to marketing on social media, and it is one of the cheapest approaches you can use to get better traffic and increased conversions.

Although many people believe that to market on social media, it will cost you an arm and a leg. This does not apply to businesses who have automated their whole marketing processes.

Several marketing automation tools like chatbots can be gotten for only a token and can be used to amplify sales in record of time significantly. Some marketing tools like Zebrabuzz and the likes have the whole automation toolset available for you with only a token.

In this blog, we will discuss how automation has become a new and cost-effective way for social media marketing.

Automation as a New and Cost-Effective Approach to Social Media

Automation is simply making your social media marketing processes work automatically. Gone are the days when brands had to do everything manually, which can be tasking.

Sometimes, most duties that customers expect brands to perform are neglected because it usually consumes time and energy.

Some brands have resulted in hiring more staff. Still, the problems persist and raising employee headcount is an unnecessary budget strain when automation tools can significantly cut costs and boost your marketing in ways you have never experienced before.

When we talk about automation tools, what are we referring to? What are these new and cost-effective tools that can be used to boost social media marketing?


There is a lot of buzz around chatbots and rightly so. You may likely have heard about them, and this is because they are worth all the buzz. There is a good reason why bigwigs like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many others have adopted them.

new and cost-effective approach to social media marketing

Chatbots are Conversational Marketing Tools

Chatbots are a marketing tool that can sell products on your social media page or via email, SMS or e-commerce websites.

With AI Facebook Messenger chatbots like Zebrabuzz, you will be able to sell your products to as many customers as you can on Messenger, Instagram, and other platforms.

Chatbots can simulate conversation with your customers, increasing customer engagements which will boost traffic on your page and ultimately increase your conversion rate. As chatbot messages come in like a normal Messenger chat, it is more likely to be opened, and you can get up  to 95% open rate.

Coupled with high Click-through-rates, you can significantly boost your business sales and marketing in little time. All these and you do not need to monitor it.

Chatbots can Post your Products and Services for your without Supervision

Besides these, consistently posting your products on your social media page is very important. Organic posts are significant in how successful your social media strategy is.

However, consistently posting your products can take a toll on you. It can get burdensome and tiring, and you may end up becoming discouraged. You could also fail to keep up at times or have some urgent things to attend to. Chatbots can do this with ease.

They are Always Available

As chatbots are available every hour of the day, it can consistently make products post without supervision.

By simply building your chatbot in minutes, it can take control of your social media marketing and turn it into a profit-making hub.

Chatbot is an Omnichannel Tool

As chatbot can run on several social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, among many others, you increase the chances of getting customers from different places.

Facebook Messenger only has about 1.3 billion active users. With this size, you already have customers waiting, and chatbots like Zebrabuzz can reach them all.

Chatbots can be Used to Offer Tailored and Personalised Services

With artificial intelligence, chatbots can recommend products to your customers based on their data and recent activity. This means customers tend to spend more time on your page because they are seeing more products and services that interest them.

Facebook Auto Commenter or Auto Responder

Another new and cost-effective approach to social media marketing is by boosting engagements on your page. Many brands make the mistake of leaving messages and comments unresponded to.

new and cost-effective approach to social media marketing

Some respond but take too long, which usually puts customers off, especially new or potential ones. However, when you make a post, there may be tons of comments on them.

If you want to increase your conversions, you should reply to all of them. This can prove to be a herculean task, and sometimes brands do not reply properly because of strain and fatigue. Some reply but do not solve the problem and customers become disgruntled.

This is another reason why automation is important. By simply automating your comment replies using the Zebrabuzz auto commenter or autoresponder tool, you can reply to as many comments possible, either privately or publicly.

You don’t have to worry about having a generic reply as this tool has different forms of replies that will tally with the query of the customer.

E-Commerce In Messenger Store

Another new and cost-effective way of social marketing which most marketers are not yet exploring is the e-commerce in messenger store.

Many of your customers use social media like Fcebook Messenger for leisure and work, meaning they are usually busy.

They usually want to buy something there and then, but become discouraged when they realise they have to leave the social media platform and go to your e-commerce website to make a purchase.

This is why it is important to take your e-commerce store to them. With the Zebrabuzz e-commerce in messenger feature, you provide a new approach to social media marketing wherein your customers can access your products and services without leaving their favourite Social media platform.

With a single click, your e-commerce store with all your products and services will be opened right on Facebook Messenger, and they can make all the purchases they want, and even checkout by making payments.

This makes it convenient to patronise you, and by increasing customers convenience, you ensure they can buy any time they want, which will boost your conversions to an all-time high.

With the competition you face, automation tools like chatbots are very important in social media marketing. Thankfully, some like Zebrabuzz can be gotten for only a token which will cut costs and at the same time, boost sales.

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