Many marketers do not know how much to allocate for social media marketing and most end up spending too much. Budgeting for small businesses can be tricky, and it is understandable.

Studies show that up to 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. This is mainly due to financial problems like debt, bankruptcy, and the likes.

Social media is important, and there has to be a budget for it for any small business. However, oftentimes, many marketers tend to spend way too much money on it than necessary.

The investment may pay off at times, but you do not have to spend as much to gain the conversions you get. In fact, with some hidden marketing tools that this blog will show you, you will be able to achieve incredibly high results from your social media with a token.

According to a recent analysis, the average social media budget for a small business is about $4,000 per month. For a small business, this can strain your finances. Little wonder many businesses fold up quickly.

The cost of paying social media managers alone takes the bulk of these, ads, copyrighters; among many others, cost a lot of money.

Alongside that amount, you also have to spend on other aspects of your business which will stretch your finance thinly. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend as much on social media marketing.

With the excessive costs that most marketers spend on social media budget, there is a different, better, and cost-effective approach for your small business.

How Can I spend Less Money on Social Media Marketing for my Small Business?

Marketing tools like chatbots costs significantly lower and can be used to achieve equal or in most cases, better results than marketers who sell excessively.

Social Media Budget for Small Business

Chatbots are so important and effective in social media marketing that even bigwigs like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many others have adopted them.

Chatbots do not cost an arm and a leg; with as little as $15-45/month, you can get some highly intelligent chatbots like the Zebrabuzz Facebook Messenger chatbot for your social media marketing. That is about 1% of what you would have spent to get less than what chatbots will offer you.

Comparatively, the costs of having a chatbot that can automate your social media are great for your budget when considering what it would normally cost for your small business.

Why chatbots? Can chatbots do the job effectively? Chatbots can more than “do the job,” and you will find out why leading businesses in the world in several industries now use them.

How Can Chatbots Improve Social Media Marketing?

As chatbots are obviously a great opportunity to leave more room on your social media budget and small business budget at large, how do they boost your business? Why are many businesses, both small and large turning to it? Why should you?

Significantly High Open Rates and Click-Through-Rates

Chatbots are marketing tools that can be integrated into many communication platforms. Facebook Messenger chatbots like Zebrabuzz can work with many channels like your e-commerce site, Messenger, Instagram, SMS, email, among many others.

When used on social media, they can significantly boost your open rate. Open rate is a percentage metric that measures how often your messages are opened.

When integrated into social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and the likes, you can get up to 95% open rates. As your customers receive chatbot messages like chats, they tend to open it more often.

This means chatbots are marketing tools that will help you boost your social media sales, and you don’t have to stretch the social media budget for your small business thin to achieve this.

Easily Get Analytics

Another reason why marketers allocate too much money in the social media budget for a small business is because of the costs that may come with getting accurate analytics.

Several tools work only for getting analytics, and most small businesses spend on them. However, you need not to with some special chatbots like Zebrabuzz.

It is special because, besides all the other functions it performs, you can also easily access your social media analytics without paying extra for it.

Therefore, instead of spending as much as $15-20 on a tool for analytics, you can spend exactly that or less for a tool that offers analytics and more than that.

Ensures you are Available Round-the-Clock

When you use chatbot marketing for your social media, your business will be available all the time. Many businesses lose their customers because they were not available at the time when the customers needed them.

Chatbots are available 24/7, meaning you can provide customer support at any time of the day.


Another reason why social media budget for a small business might be high is because of employee headcount. In most cases, only one employee cannot handle your social media.

zebra buzz robot text

Costs like salaries, bonuses, hazard allowances, and many others for social media managers can strain your budget.

However, one chatbot can singlehandedly handle your whole social media marketing without any problems. A chatbot can answer as many customers you have simultaneously without any customer feeling left out.

It can also perform other functions while selling products, engaging customers, and doing other functions.


The nature of social media is such that people use it to send instant messages that usually require quick and immediate responses. The same applies when your customers contact you- they want you to respond fast.

Not only do they want a fast reply, but they also want it done quickly. Chatbots are very fast tools that can complete tasks in a matter of seconds.

With Zebrabuzz, for instance, you can also get tools like Facebook auto commenter or Facebook auto liker that can automatically send private and public replies to comments on your page as well as like comments and pages.

By so doing, none of your customers will be left hanging, and all problems will be solved in record time.

All these benefits with only a token are the reason why many businesses are moving towards chatbots, and they absolutely love the experience.

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