As social media is a large space, marketers and business owners need customer service tools that can make the process of reaching out to their clientele seamless.

There are several social media customer service tools that are either already in use, in use but not being used properly, or relatively unknown.

These tools can help you improve your social media customer service significantly. As customers are the bedrock of every business, their experience with your business can play a significant role in how successful your whole business is.

There are several tools with different functions that they perform, and there are a few that can perform all the other functions of the other tools. That is, instead of having several tools that perform different functions, why not have one that can perform all?

For instance, Zebrabuzz is marketing and customer service tool that has several different features integrated into it. This makes it a veritable social media customer service tool that can perform many functions and have many features to improve your customer service.

Most social media customer service tools will only perform one function and cost a lot of money. However, you can get tools like Zebrabuzz that can take over your customer service unit and perform many functions for a token.

Benefits of Social Media Customer Service Tools

The simple reason of making things easy for you is enough. These tools ensure that what may have taken time and effort to do can be done in seconds and with little or no effort.

Instead of going through long hours and burdensome processes of dealing with your customers, you can simply automate the whole process and reap higher benefits.

Social Media Customer Service Tools

While there are several different tools for social media customer service, one of the smartest choices to make is getting one that can do all – Chatbot marketing tool. This will significantly cut customer service costs, increase efficiency and precision, and reduce lags.

Chatbots are an Important social media customer service tools


A chatbot is a marketing tool that can simulate conversation with one or more users in real-time.

There are many other functions of chatbots, but as a social media customer service tool, they can be used for real-time customer service engagement.

Some chatbots like Zebrabuzz combine artificial intelligence features like machine learning and natural language processing to ensure a seamless conversation flow with customers.

With chatbots, you can be available 24/7 to engage your customers, which is very important to them. Chatbots are also very fast meaning you will be able to solve your customers’ problems and queries faster than ever.

Speedy responses and fast problem-solving are necessary for customer service, and chatbots make this possible. They are also versatile and multi-tasking, meaning they can be used in more places other than customer service. They can also respond to as many customers as possible simultaneously with unmatched speed and efficiency.

Another reason why chatbots like Zebrabuzz are an important customer service tool is that they can offer personalised services. With a tailored approach to marketing, you make your customers feel comfortable with your business which is great as they end up being loyal to you.

Auto Commenter or Auto-Responder Feature

Your social media posts are likely to generate tons of comments. As a responsible business that aims at improving customer experience, responding to each comment is important.

Customers do not want their comments left unresponded to. When they are, customers become disgruntled and may be discouraged about a business.

Therefore, all comments and messages must be responded to quickly. However, as important as this is, it can also be stressful and tiring. This is where an auto-responder or auto commenter social media customer service tool comes in.

For instance, Zebrabuzz has a feature known as the Facebook auto commenter or autoresponder that sends private and public responses to comments on your Facebook page.

It will reply to the comment immediately it is made. With the updates, you will also be able to make different types of replies.

It can respond with media like images, videos, gifs. It can also respond with text, post back, text with buttons, and many others based on the kind comment that is made. Also, this tool can make private responses as well as public responses. To learn more about the auto commenter tool, click here and read the blog on it.

Auto Liker

This works like the auto commenter but for likes instead. Liking your customers’ comments is also a useful social media customer service strategy, and an auto liker is a tool that makes this strategy possible.

Liking pages and comments gives the impression that you are always available, and you are seeing all your customers’ reactions.

With the Zebrabuzz Facebook auto liker, you will be able to like pages and comments on your Facebook page. This will boost the likes on your page, which means it will not only be useful for customer service but marketing as well.

Auto Liker

E-commerce Store in Social Media

Another social media customer service tool that you should have is one that can integrate your store into social media platforms.

One of the nuggets of customer service is making the user experience seamless. As your customers use social media to chat and keep up with loved ones, they usually do not want to leave.

This is why it is important to integrate your e-commerce store into your social media so that they do not have to leave their loved ones and friends to patronise you.

The Zebrabuzz tool can help you integrate your e-commerce store on there. With over 1.3 billion active users of Facebook Messenger, you already have your customers on there waiting for you.

But leaving Messenger to come and patronise your store discourages more than 50% of them meaning you need to take it to them. Zebrabuzz serves as this channel so that when your customers see your business on Facebook and the services you offer, they can automatically access your business right on Messenger, make a purchase and pay for the product or service without leaving the platform.

Tools for Monitoring Analytics

There are also social media customer service tools that help in monitoring your customers’ analytics and behaviour. These tools help show you how your customers are doing and reacting to certain policies or products and services you render.

With tools like these, you will be able to track all the activities on your page effectively.

Social media customer service tools are necessary for providing a seamless experience for your customers as well as making things easy on yourself. Thankfully, you no longer have to break the bank to get these tools, and with the Zebrabuzz software tool, you can integrate many forms of tools into your social media customer service.

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