Instagram is a highly engaging and entertaining social network platform. With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram has emerged as a business marketing channel as more than 7 million businesses have an account on Instagram.

In today’s business climate that is characterised by competition and customer-centricity, Instagram is one of the best platforms you can use to grow your brand. It is now possible to build a robust and highly interactive Instagram account with free marketing tools like Zebrabuzz. 

If properly optimised, Instagram can be a podium to launch your business to success and enviable growth. Here’s why you should begin marketing your business on Instagram: 

The new Instagram marketing tools to use for free
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Improved Brand awareness

With more than 900 million people use Instagram every month and close to a hundred million images are shared on the platform every day, this presents a great opportunity for your business to be in the eyes of customers and prospects.

Marketing is centred around awareness and visibility.  If your business fails at marketing, it won’t catch the attention and interest of customers.

This is why Instagram marketing tools like Zebrabuzz, can help augment and enhance your social media marketing strategy, so your business can get the necessary promotion it needs. 

Improved engagement

The key to business success is customer engagement. Even if you channel huge monetary resources into your marketing campaign, it is doom to fail if it doesn’t have a great engagement level. High engagement level is needed to achieve your return on investment. 

Instagram thrives on social engagement. According to research, Instagram is more effective for business-customer engagement than Twitter and Facebook combined. So building your businesses via Instagram is key to growing your relationship with customers. 

Ease of use

Using Instagram for marketing is easy and interesting. Though in the beginning, it can be tumultuous gaining new followers but as long as you have creative content, then you will begin connecting with your target audience in no time. 

Authenticity, creativity and following the best social media practices are the keys to creating a solid business presence on Instagram. Effective Instagram marketing tools, such as Zebrabuzz can also bolster your efforts to promote your business on Instagram

How you can boost your customer engagement on Instagram with Zebrabuzz 

Zebrabuzz is highly beneficial for your Instagram marketing campaign because it has some incredible tools and features.

Zebrabuzz has some features which can incredibly optimise your marketing effort on Instagram. For instance, a feature known as ‘Instagram Reply Enhancer’ improves the functionality of a Zebrabuzz Instagram feature dubbed as ‘comment automation for Instagram’.

This feature enhances the performance of zebrabuzz marketing tool in relation to that specific feature. 

This article highlights the benefit and functionality of the Zebrabuzz feature, ‘comment automation for Instagram’ and the plug-in ‘Instagram Reply Enhancer’. The article also explores how they can benefit your Instagram marketing strategy. 

Delete and hide offensive or rude Instagram comments

It is important that your business has a positive reputation and a clean image on Instagram.

An abusive, rude or offensive Instagram comment by either competitors or annoyed clients can dent your business reputation and cause your business to lose respect in the eyes of customers.

It can get challenging when it comes to monitoring your Instagram comments because it is not possible to keep an eye on all your customers’ comments. This is where Zebrabuzz Instagram marketing tool can help your business.  

With the ‘comment automation for Instagram’ feature and the plug-in ‘Instagram Reply Enhancer’, you can delete or block offensive comments in real-time.

What is required of you is to highlight rude keywords and other initial settings. The keywords will be used to identify the insulting or rude comments and automatically hide these comments. 

Erase and  hide unfriendly comments:

Another way in which Zebrabuzz Instagram marketing tool can enhance your marketing strategy is by hiding or erasing unfriendly/unusual comments.

This kind of comments can leave leeway for your rivals to snatch your customers. Though they are not outrightly rude but can paint your business in a negative light. 

It is essential that, as a matter of urgency, you wipe out that kind of comments immediately. Remember, your competitors will be prowling your Instagram page looking for customers.

The ‘comment automation for Instagram’ feature and the plug-in ‘Instagram Reply Enhancer’ by Zebrabuzz will hide or erase those unfriendly and unusual comments in real-time; the moment they are posted.

This will protect the integrity of your business reputation on social media.  


To interact with your customers, you will have to actively post information, news and details about your brand.

It is inevitable that customers or your target audience will be eager to make enquiries or ask questions through the comment section.

The key to high-level customer engagement on social media is instant replies, which is difficult to achieve without automation.

Zebrabuzz Instagram marketing tool can provide real-time response to your customers’ comments. This will save your time and energy, as well as reduce the likelihood of your customers running off to your competitors or new prospects showing uninterest or apathy as a result of sluggish replies. 

This feature will exceedingly provide the much-needed encouragement for customers to stay interested in your products and limit discontinuous purchase or customer attrition/churn. 

Auto comment and reply to wherever you are mentioned

It might happen that customers may occasionally recommend your business to friends and loved ones.

They will do this by mentioning your business Instagram handle in a comment or a post. In this type of scenario, the ball is in your court. Swift and instant replies will win the prospective customer and prove your reputation as a customer-centric business, while a slow and sluggish response will have a reverse effect.

Zebrabuzz marketing tool will provide real-time response to comments or posts mentioning your business on Instagram.  

Check all the comments of a post with a single click 

Another spectacular feature of Zebrabuzz marketing tool is the Instagram Reply Enhancer.

This enables you to view the entire comments on your business Instagram page with a single click. This will be displayed on a single window.

This feature will also help you catalogue and observe all tagged posts. It also indicates the number of times you have been tagged. 

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