Although chatbots have been around for quite some time, they have only developed popularity over the last few years. However, for people who do not know what a chatbot is and even if you know, how to use it in your business, this will prove important.

Ever since the introduction of Facebook Messenger chatbots in 2016 by tech giants, powerful chatbot builders have sprung up and businesses are now finding it significantly important.

Nearly everyone in the digital and online marketing sector is, in one way familiar with chatbots. Indeed, what a chatbot offers a business cannot be overemphasised.

Marketers and business owners have realised this and have taken the initiative, integrated it into their business and are now reaping massive benefits.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are the future of online marketing; the next huge step of the millennium. However, they are only but a swipe in a massive wave of progress.

A chatbot is a virtual program that is designed to simulate conversations with human users, usually the business’ customers over the internet.

There are categories of chatbots. While they can be divided into three, they are generally classified as two types. These are Scripted Bots e.g some Facebook Messenger bots, and Highly Intelligent bots (AI-Powered) bots e.g Zebrabuzz.

Let us take a look at these two types and how you can use it for your business.

Scripted Bots

These are also referred to as rule-based chatbots or Decision- tree bots. From their name, you would already have an idea as to how they work.

Scripted bots are perhaps the simplest kind of chatbots we have presently. They make use of a set of pre-defined commands and rules to respond.

They are not conversational. It’s more or less like “Garbage in Garbage out” for them. They reply based on the script.

Conversations with a decision-tree bot are mapped out, like a flow chart. There is no room for flexibility, and the bot is not intelligent, unlike AI-Powered chatbots like Zebrabuzz.

Rule-based bots are usually used to answer frequently asked questions.

AI-Powered Chatbots

These are the best time of chatbots. Artificial intelligence in bots is their ability to combine various forms of natural language processing, machine learning and semantic comprehension to simulate conversation like a human.

When we say a chatbot like Zebrabuzz, for instance, and many other bots is AI-Powered, it means they are highly intelligent.

Natural Language Processing is the ability of an AI-Powered chatbot to understand and analyse human speech, then find the correct response and reply most understandably for a human language. They can also learn on their own, which is called Machine Learning.

While the previous two chatbots adhere to set rules and programs, AI-Powered chatbots more or less make their own rules.

They are very intelligent, more intelligent than the other types of chatbots but must be planned and guided properly to achieve maximum results.

With that detailed explanation about chatbots and their types, how can you use it for your business?

Starting Your Chatbot journey smoothly.

Chatbots and How to Use it For Your Business

A chatbot is versatile and while they can do so much, it is important to know how to use it for your business.

While there are several ways a chatbot can help you, and although they can be very versatile, it is smart not to overuse them to achieve maximum results. To effectively use it for your business, try to find a particular place you need them the most and use them here.

However, here are the ways you can use it for your business:

In Customer Service
Sales and Marketing Unit
In your Records Department
For Business Analysis
Chatbots and How to Use it for your Business

Customer Service

While they are effective in many other units, chatbots are mostly being used for customer service.

There are so many features of chatbots that make them the perfect customer service agent. Here are some:

Their Availability is Unmatched

Chatbots are ALWAYS available. Chatbots are available 24/7, and nothing shows more commitment to customer service than being available to receive customers every time.

Frankly, the 21st-century business that is intent on improving should not have a closing time again. That is simply the truth.

Why do you need to close when there is a program that can keep your business running even while you sleep?

Speed and Efficiency

Between 2017 and 2020, multiple studies have shown the first reason customers like chatbots are because of their speed and productivity.

Although patience may be a virtue, not everyone is blessed with it, and don’t expect your customers to be either.

Chatbots can answer consumer queries with incomparable speed. In fact, the only thing stopping a customer from getting an answer is because the customer has not asked!

Generally, a chatbot is efficient in dispatching its duties. However, as mentioned earlier, try and minimise the roles it performs for you to ensure maximum effectiveness.

In Sales and Marketing Unit

You can also deploy chatbots in your sales and marketing unit. Here are some ways they can help:

Reduction in Costs

The dream is to increase productivity and reduce cost of production while having boosted sales and profits.

You can use a chatbot for your business to make this dream a reality as it has and is still making it a reality for most business using it.

Chatbots have answered 80% of customer queries without needing human intervention according to studies.

Due to their effectiveness, the cost of hiring, training, and paying staff is reduced. With intelligent bots like Zebrabuzz, all you may need is a back-up human employee for new questions your bot is unprepared to answer.

Increased Leads Generation

Leads are your potential customers, and chatbots will help you locate them quicker and faster. With open rates ranging from 70-95%, you can increase your customers.

Personalised Adverts

Through blasts, bulk SMS, email marketing, and web ads, chatbots will deliver your services to new and existing customers.

You can use it for your business to deliver personalised content to your existing customers.

That is, by using their intelligence and information gathered from user data, they will deliver what each client is interested in them.

Increased Sales and Profits

Chatbots assure quality leads, which will bring potential customers. With personalised ads, reduced costs, and the ability to sell your products, chatbots will increase your sales and profits.

When your operational costs are cut, and more customers are brought it, it is not rocket science to figure out sales will be boosted.

In your Records Department

Chatbots can gather user data which you can use to serve your customers better. These data are the information provided by your customers as well as their preferences.

As your chatbot records these data, you will be able to classify your customers into different categories and suitable demographics which in the long run will help you satisfy them.

However, with Zebrabuzz, you need not worry about your personal data as it is taken seriously with a serious and dedicated application of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in protecting it.

For Business Analysis

Chatbots are also useful in this regard. You can use it for your business to analyse how you should improve.

There are some metrics you may not be aware of. You can use chatbots for your business to provides detailed insights as to what is going on with your business.

Chatbots will help you gain more insights as to the activities of your customers on the page, the sales you are making, customers’ view on certain products and services and many more.

Highly intelligent chatbots that are AI-Powered can use user data to give you more insights as to what is going on with your business and thus, making you aware of how you need to improve.

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