With the increasing rate at which businesses are adopting the use of chatbots, and how significant bots are to a business, it is important to take advantage of them. However, as such, you must choose the best chatbot platform to build yours.

There are several chatbot platforms in the bot building industry today. But like any other profession, there exists ‘bad eggs’.

Most people have a bumpy ride in the bot industry because of the experience they have had with mediocre chatbot platforms.

When starting your journey into bot marketing, the first and most important step is choosing a great chatbot.

Yes, there are many good chatbot platforms, but only a few can be referred to as the best chatbot platform.

As there are currently many chatbot builders in the world, it is important to carefully examine the features that make a chatbot great.

Also, a chatbot that is great for a business may not work for you. The problems and needs of each business are different from yours.

Although they may be different, especially if you work in the same sector, there are still differences.

The places in your business which needs improvement may be quite different from the areas in which another business is lacking and needs a chatbot.

This is why businesses have different metrics in choosing the right chatbot. However, in general, certain features can be found among the best chatbot platforms.

What is a Chatbot Platform?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence computer program that can simulate conversations with a user on websites, mobile applications or messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger.

A chatbot platform allows businesses, programmers, and developers to build chatbots effortlessly.

Even if your knowledge in coding, backend development, programming, and many other aspects of bot-building is limited, a chatbot platform will ease the process of making a bot for you.

The reason why a business will seek to use a chatbot platform is because of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer program to simulate human intelligence and be capable of mimicking the actions of humans.

AI makes a chatbot very intelligent, more intelligent than the other types of chatbots but must be planned and guided properly to achieve maximum results.

AI-Powered chatbots know how how to respond like humans because they have Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Semantic Comprehension.

Natural Language Processing is the ability of an AI-Powered chatbot to understand and analyse human speech, then find the correct response and reply most understandably for a human language.

NLP makes conversation with a chatbot feel like two humans talking. For example, take a look at the way you speak with Siri on your Apple devices.

The best chatbot platform will simplify the process of making and working with a chatbot. This is because they usually already have the complete infrastructure as well as all features that have been packaged into simple programming libraries.

By using a chatbot platform, you can worry less about solving issues that concern infrastructure and focus more on the business problems you are facing.

Types of Chatbot Platforms

Non-Programming Platforms

Programming and Coding Platforms

Non-Programming platforms are chatbot platforms whereby you can get or make bots that require no coding or no programming knowledge.

These chatbots are usually for simple projects and small scale businesses. They are used to solve simple customer queries.

Programming and Coding Chatbot Platforms are those that require seasoned knowledge in chatbot development.

These are platforms that allow you to develop complex and intelligent chatbots.

Features that Makes a Bot Builder the Best Chatbot Platform

If you are looking for the best chatbot platform in the industry, there are some features you need to examine.

Some of the features of chatbot platforms in general are:

Natural Language Processing (NLP), Semantic Comprehension, Machine Learning, Account Management, Prediction, Collaborative Model Training, Live chat, Enterprise Grade, Virtual Assistant, Sending blasts, building massive email lists, automated sequences, payment request API, Application Insights, Adaptive cards, Intent and Tone Models, Advanced Reporting, conversational flows, audit trail, Deep Learning, Encrypted Cloud-Based Storage, Role-Based Access Control, Powerful analytics, A/B Testing, Return Response, Trigger Support, Internationalisation, and API View.

However, there’s more when it comes to being the best chatbot platform. The following are the criteria that make a chatbot the best:

They Integrate with Desired Systems

A chatbot is no good if it cannot be used on the platforms you use. As much as a chatbot platform may have all the above features, it must be capable of being integrated into your preferred system.

For example, if you want to use your chatbot on Facebook Messenger or websites, the chatbot must be compatible.

If you desire email marketing, the chatbot must have the capabilities of being used for emails too.

If a chatbot platform has all the functionalities in the world but cannot be used on the platform you use to do business, it is no good to you.

Therefore, it cannot be referred to as the best chatbot platform as in one way or the other; it is limited.

Provision of Templates to Streamline Deployment

If a chatbot is to be referred to as the best, it must have templates that are already built.

This is where you, as a business owner, choose the one that suits your business more and then design to suit your preferences.

Also, the best chatbot platforms have templates that you may not need to design. They have chatbots for restaurants, for stores, for agriculture and many others like that.

As not everyone is a seasoned developer, it is easy to go on these platforms, choose yours, probably make a few adjustments or not, and you are set to go.

Your chatbot will be quickly deployed.


Another feature is flexibility. Best chatbot platforms build very flexible bots. Your chatbot can be deployed in multiple areas to help your business.

Chatbots can be used for many things, in marketing and also in support. Asides selling your goods and services for you, chatbots can also be used in support.

They can be indispensable to your support team and sales team among many others.

As some users may prefer to speak with human representatives, chatbots can be used to redirect such users to human customer care.

While there are many out there, one of the best chatbot platforms is Zebrabuzz. This platform is a very common one among small and large scale businesses and allows you to create bots that can perform the functions of the average chatbot among many others. Some of these functions include:

  • Works on any platform, be it on a website, for email marketing, Facebook Messenger, and so on.
  • It can sell your products for you.
  • How about personalised ads? Easy. Does that for you.
  • Can take orders from anywhere; Facebook Messenger, company websites etc.
  • Can integrate with all major payment systems
  • Can provide reminders for appointments if you have a business that requires users to make bookings
  • It supports many business categories and CMS platforms

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