The future of online and digital marketing is here, and taking advantage of these innovative and highly intelligent chatbots is essential for business.

Chatbots have been around for quite some time now but only became very popular as of late especially after the introduction of the Facebook Messenger Chatbots in 2016.

Since then, there have been a host of businesses both small scale and large scale who have taken advantage of this innovation to put their business on the front foot against rivals.

With the increasingly rising potential in artificial intelligence, there will be almost no limits to how important chatbots can be for businesses very soon.

With more companies finding chatbots essential for business daily, Facebook Messenger chatbots, for example, now has about 300,000 chatbots and counting.

Although this figure might look large to you, do not worry, there is still more than enough room as statistics confirm only about 1% of businesses use chatbots today.

The goal for you is to be part of this percentage as soon as possible as the businesses who have joined already understand how chatbots are essential for business.

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What are Chatbots?

This is a very popular question nowadays. “What are chatbots?” “How can chatbots help me?” “How can I build a chatbot?” and many other questions of this calibre.

You may have come across several definitions of what chatbots are with many trying to describe this computer software program in the simplest term possible.

However, to define a chatbot in a way that fully encompasses what it stands for and does might prove arduous.

A chatbot is simply an artificial intelligence computer program that can simulate conversations with a user on websites, mobile applications or messaging platforms.

Some chatbots are so intelligent that you can have a conversation with them just the way you converse with your friends.

Although there are a variety of chatbots available to businesses, highly intelligent chatbots like Zebrabuzz, which is AI-powered achieves the best results.

Did you know some chatbots can learn on their own? These kind of chatbots are being referred to as AI-Powered and highly intelligent.

They can learn and adapt by growing from what you have programmed into them, to be able to do more. You would agree these chatbots are essential for business!

Let’s use a Zebrabuzz, for example; it combines machine learning, semantics comprehension, and natural language processing to achieve the important results your business needs.

Chatbots will perform a lot of salient roles in your business; however, let us examine some of the reasons why chatbots are essential for business.

Why are Chatbots Essential for Business

Why are Chatbots Essential for Business

No matter how different the goals of an organisation are to another, one thing is sure; they need to improve always.

Improvement is essential to any business, and this is what separates the everlasting, longstanding businesses we have today from the ‘flash in the pan’ businesses.

As a business, you need to strive to be better regularly, it is important, and this is what makes chatbots essential for business.

Chatbots will improve your business. Consider any aspect of your business, and no matter how fine and great you think you are doing, by introducing chatbots, you will be far better.

Why else do you think major companies and businesses in the world today, especially tech companies release updates? It is to be better, to evolve.

Although the bot market is still very open, a lot now realise that chatbots are essential for business, and it is only a matter of time before even your rivals take the advantage.

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Always Available

If you are always available for your customers, you have almost won their hearts. Availability is the first step to customer satisfaction, and chatbots are essential to a business in this regard.

Many have realised how important availability is to a business, and this makes chatbots essential for business since they can offer you 24/7 availability.

Chatbots are the closest thing to erasing the problem of customers waiting for a customer service representative to be free because they are always available.

When you are always available to engage your customers, you are showing commitment to customer experience and showing you care about customer satisfaction.

You will be hard-pressed to find a human customer representative that will gladly work round the clock, seven days a week for you, with or without extra payment.

Reduces Costs

A chatbot is not an extra man; it is an extra eight men out of ten! Statistically, chatbots have solved 80% of customers’ queries without any form of human intervention.

Such numbers make chatbots essential for business.

Although it is good practice to have a few human customer care representatives, chatbots can almost do the job of your marketing team. This makes them very important to a business, especially when it comes to costs.

It is a dream for any business to reduce the cost of production, and at the same time, increase productivity as well as profits. Chatbots will do these and more.

With chatbots, there is a significant reduction in the need for human resources for your customer care, data storing, product sales, advertising etc.

Are you sold on the idea of their importance and why chatbots are essential for business yet? If not, there are more reasons.

Versatility and Multitasking

A chatbot’s versatility is incomparable to any other software, and this makes them essential for business. They can do so much.

If you need to sell your product, create a personalised advertisement for customers, engage customers, increase leads, send blasts, and many others, chatbots can fill in comfortably.

Versatility is essential for business, and this is why companies like a staff that has a lot on their CV. So if you can get one (not human this time) that will do the job of 8 in 10 men, well, what are you waiting for?

The joy of this is that it can do all these at the same time! Chatbots are not burdened with the workload.

Improved Sales and More Profits

The goal of most businesses is to make profits. Chatbots can more than double your sales.

Chatbots will generate quality leads for you, and you need not be told that leads mean potential customers.

They can also be used to sell products, send updates about a product, an offer or a promo, build massive email lists.

And with favourable metrics like offering you a 95% open rate compared to email marketing’s 10%, your business is 9x sure to improve when you use chatbots.

Want to know more? Chatbots are essential for business, but if you need to know more, consider the following:

Creating/Scheduling Appointments As Well As Setting Reminders

If you have a business that may sometime require bookings, chatbots can be your Personal Assistant.

It can take bookings, create appointment dates for when you are free, and also remind your customers when their appointment date is near.

Speed and Efficiency

Chatbots will do the job efficiently and will be fast while at it. Speed and efficiency are important in keeping customers who are essential for business.

This and many more will ensure you give your customers the satisfaction they deserve.

We could go on and on about why chatbots are essential for business, but ultimately, we may never be able to complete the reasons as they are being improved on daily. The smart decision to make for your business is to get one, but get a good one while at it.


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