Have you ever tried to order a pizza and had to go through loads and loads of pages when all you wanted was just pepperoni or Margherita?

In recent years, pizza has now been considered as a fast food, meaning people see it as a food that should be quick. There has also been stiff competition in the pizza industry; therefore, pizza restaurants need to find something – a tool that can make it even faster.

It also needs to be faster because when we want pizza, we want it immediately. Therefore, because of the nature of pizza, competition in the industry and customer demands, automation is needed.

Pizza ordering chatbots make things easy for both the customer and the restaurant. With some chatbots like Zebrabuzz, users can customise their type of pizza to suit their preferences, input a delivery address, contact details and have it delivered in less than 30 minutes!

Customers can now get to type in their pizza preferences through the ordering chatbots – what they want and what they do not.

There are so many benefits pizza companies can get from pizza ordering chatbots, and this is evident as top makers of pizza like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Pizza Express have joined the chatbot brigade.

Benefits of Pizza Ordering Chatbots

Chatbots can be integrated anywhere, especially on social media.

With the majority of customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and the likes, when pizza companies integrate pizza ordering chatbots into their social media, the results can only be outstanding.

Zebrabuzz is one of the food ordering chatbots that is currently in use by many restaurants and can also be integrated into several platforms including Facebook Messenger and the likes.

Pizza ordering chatbots

Here are some of the benefits of pizza chatbots, both to pizza companies and their customers:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Seamless Price Variation System
  • Simplifies Sales Cycle
  • Limits Human Errors
  • Availability

Social Media Integration

One of the many reasons why pizza companies need pizza ordering chatbots is because of the ability of some chatbots to be integrated into social media.

Platforms like Facebook Messenger have made it easier for people to do more than chatting online. You can now hail a taxi, get groceries, and buy food from Messenger.

Therefore, as people can buy food without having to leave Facebook Messenger, it makes absolute sense to have a pizza ordering chatbot that can attend to your customers there.

A chatbot like Zebrabuzz, for instance, can integrate easily with Facebook Messenger, engage customers and sell pizza to them or any other food item.

As many people use Facebook Messenger, there’s the possibility of having so many orders at once which will prove difficult to handle for a human employee. A chatbot does not have such problems and can attend to the entire customers of a restaurant at once.

Suppose a pizza company wants to take their service a step further and add a bit of flair to their approach. In that case, Zebrabuzz is also equipped with the latest artificial intelligence tool, which means it can simulate natural conversation with users!

Customer will be able to chat and order a pizza like they would have a conversation if they were on a call or if they were chatting with their loved ones.

Yes, you can get a simple chatbot that answers questions and does all the other simple stuff each of your competitors does; but then there’s no difference between the company and its rivals. Artificial intelligence in pizza ordering chatbots can be a game-changer for you.

Seamless Price Variation System

As pizza comes in different types and sizes, prices differ. The price of a medium pepperoni pizza will be different from a large one. Also, the size of a simple medium pepperoni pizza will be different from a medium pepperoni pizza with toppings.

It goes on and on, and there are several combinations, additions, subtractions that will affect the price.

Some chatbots can help a pizza company in this sense. For instance, Zebrabuzz has a default feature known as the e-commerce product price variation. It comes with the full Zebrabuzz suite and allows prices to change based on customers’ choices.

So whether a customer wants medium, small, or large of any pizza with any toppings of their choice, this pizza ordering chatbot has a feature that can change the price to fit the choices and preferences.

If you would like to know more about how the Zebrabuzz ‘e-commerce product price variation feature works,’ read the blog on it here.

Simplifies and Speeds up the Sales Cycle

One major reason why pizza companies need to use pizza ordering chatbots is that they can simplify and speed up sales cycle like nothing else. Remember, it is a fast food.

Chatbots are so fast that customers can complete an order in less than a minute! Within seconds, the customer has moved from craving pizza to expecting the delivery.

It gets better with Zebrabuzz that allows you to set the response time of your chatbot (yes, you can do that). You can choose to reply within a second to, as late as you want.

When customers are assured of speed and accuracy in their order, it builds trust and shows you are committed to not just the taste of the pizza, but their experience in getting the pizza, which is equally important.

Limits Human Errors

Human error means customers’ pizza orders can, and will, go wrong from time to time. Although human error is understandable, customer expectations and competition have increased, and this is not something you should risk.

However, with the Zebrabuzz Facebook Messenger chatbot, for instance, there is no margin for error and all of these tedious tasks will be done with the guarantee that all orders will be 100% accurate.

Although many people may not have experienced it, some people have had a mix-up in their pizza delivery. Many people get frustrated and have to settle for what they did not want, which means they will be sceptical about patronising that pizza company in future.

This problem can be eliminated in totality as chatbots cannot and will not make errors.

Imagine a pizza company that has zero cases of problems associated with mix-ups due to the pizza ordering chatbots they have.

This will build trust, loyalty, and in no time, through recommendations, they will increase their clientele.

Why pizza companies need pizza ordering chatbots


Chatbots are available 24/7, and for cities that activities continue every hour of the day, this can prove very important.

As chatbots do not need coffee or lunch breaks, neither do, they need a leave of absence and many other things that keep human employees off work, pizza companies that have pizza ordering chatbots will ensure they always serve their customers no matter the time of the day.

When customers know they can order a pizza and get it delivered no matter the time of the day, it bodes well for your business and how it betters the competition around it.

There are so many other reasons, but with these, you know it is important for the 21st-century pizza company to automate their services with pizza ordering chatbots.

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