There are many reasons why your restaurant needs a contactless digital menu. This feature’s popularity is growing every day because the benefits are crucial to restaurants.

With a digital menu, your customers can choose their foods, make orders and complete payments easily.

As the restaurant owner, you can also add, delete, and change food items’ price on your contactless digital men. You can also give discounts without having to bother with printing a paper menu repeatedly.

This blog will show you some of the benefits of having a QR code menu for your restaurant.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Contactless Digital Menu

Saves Money

One crucial reason why your restaurant needs a contactless digital menu is that it can save money. With your digital menu, you can add, delete, and change the price of food items at any time without spending money on things like printing paper.

Therefore, the cost of printing paper is removed from your expenses. Also, using a digital menu means you do not need to hire an extra waiter or waiters to take orders.

You also do not need to hire any other staff to receive payments since your customers can make orders, reservations, and payments without ever coming into any form of direct contact with you, your waiters, or the restaurant manager.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Reminder

The Zebrabuzz digital menu can also send abandoned cart recovery reminders to your customers who may have added food items into their carts but did not complete the order by making payment.

This can help you recover lost sales as the potential customer after getting the reminder would return to checkout. What’s more, it can also send a coupon code in the reminder.

When customers see there is a limited offer of a discount and the prices have been reduced, they will be more encouraged to buy the food they have added to their cart.

Save Time with Drag-and-Drop Interface

When your restaurant uses a contactless digital menu, a lot of time will be saved. You can make instant updates on your menu at any time, and it will be reflected immediately.

With Zebrabuzz’s drag-and-drop QR menu creation interface, you can edit breakfast, lunch, dinner, tables, and reservations, amongst others on the go.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Contactless Digital Menu

Speeds-Up Sales Cycle and Reduce Wait Time

Your restaurant’s digital menu can also speed-up purchases. Your customers don’t need to wait for a waiter before making an order.

As soon as a customer sits at a table in your restaurant, they can use the contactless digital menu to make orders. They can also do this from home without having to put a call through.

Maintain Healthcare Safety Protocols

It is important to maintain health care regulations in your restaurant. With a contactless digital menu, you will reduce physical contact to the barest minimum.

More people will also prefer to come to your restaurant because they will feel safer in the environment.

Improved Experience and Easier Accessibility

You can also provide your customers with a better experience with the digital menu than using printing paper. You can add a variety of stunning images of the different food items available on your digital menu, which will attract your customers.

Oftentimes, the number of images you can put on a printing paper or paper menu is limited. Too many images and the menu becomes a textbook!

However, with a contactless digital menu, you can provide attractive sliding images and pull more buyers. As it is also online, customers do not have to be physically present at your restaurant to make an order, reserve a table, or make payment.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Contactless Digital Menu

Delivery Note

The contactless digital menu also makes it possible for your customers to send delivery notes, especially if they have extra instructions about how they want the food’s delivery.

For instance, if one of your customers the delivery person to put on a mask or drop the food item at their doorstep without knocking, they can explicitly mention that in their delivery note.

Easily Print Orders

When a customer orders for food and completes payment with the QR code digital menu, the restaurant’s manager can easily print the order with a push of a button and send the copy to the chef to prepare the food.

Give Orders Anywhere

A QR code digital menu also ensures your customers can order from anywhere, whether inside the restaurant or outside of it.

With the Zebrabuzz e-commerce store feature, you can also generate a contactless digital menu for your restaurant in minutes.

You can use the free Zebrabuzz tool to create a QR code that can be used on Messenger or browsers.

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