Several features of Zebrabuzz chatbot can help online businesses, whether on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform that your business may be on.

Zebrabuzz has different features that are geared towards creating an unmatchable and user-friendly experience for customers.

Zebrabuzz has a feature called ‘Comment Reply Enhancer’ which is a Comment Automationtool. The comment reply enhancer is a feature that improves comment automation for business owners and marketers.

The Comment Reply Enhancer feature has different categories like Facebook Reply Enhancer, Instagram Reply Enhancer, among different others.

As their name implies, they work on the social media platforms that precede their name. For this blog, we will discuss how Zebrabuzz can help your business on Instagram.

Therefore, this blog will be geared at explaining how Zebrabuzz’s Instagram Reply Enhancer works and how you can use it to improve your business.

The Instagram Reply Enhancer is a default feature of Zebrabuzz that has proved highly useful for marketing your products on the social media platform. You will be introduced to its features and many other important uses.

Zebrabuzz full interface for business on Instagram

Delete/ Hide Offensive Comments

Simply put, the Zebrabuzz can help an online business with the Instagram Reply Enhancer by deleting or hiding any form of abusive or offensive comments on your page.

Offensive comments have become increasingly popular for most online businesses. They are done to tarnish the image of your business or give you a lower rating in the eyes of your customers.

At times, your rivals can purposefully make offensive or abusive comments on your Instagram page under your accounts to spoil your reputation.

They can purposefully create accounts to make outlandish and untrue claims about your business. Do not doubt the possibility; there have been several reports through our extensive research.

Some people reading this might have experienced this at one time or the other. Asides competitors or rivals, disgruntled customers can also make some comments that are not healthy for other customers to see.

Many people do not take the time out to present their discontent in respectable manners, and unfortunately, you will have to deal with these people whether you like it or not.

These customers can make offensive and insulting comments that you will have to delete or hide with this Zebrabuzz feature to preserve the image and credibility of your business on Instagram.

However, it isn’t easy and almost humanly possible to always keep your eyes on every comment on your post. At a point, the comments will become overwhelming.

Imagine having to deal with hundreds or thousands of comments on your page. It will bore you out, and you may not be able to get all before customers who want to patronise you see them.

This is why Zebrabuzz has created a solution for your online business with the Instagram Reply Enhancer, which will automatically help you delete or hide any abusive comments on your page immediately they are made.

As Zebrabuzz makes use of the latest Artificial Intelligence tools in the market, it can detect keywords that have been pre-programmed and set by you as well.

When these keywords are found in a comment on your page, this comment automation feature will instantly delete or hide the comment from public view.

Delete or Hide Comments

Delete/Hide Normal Comments

Also, offensive comments are not the only kinds of reply this feature can delete or hide; it can do the same for normal comments as well.

Extensive research has shown that your competitors and rivals usually browse through your online business page, whether on Facebook or Instagram to poach your customers.

As the internet is a big, broad place, it is difficult to identify who your customers are through their profiles. You may be able to identify some, but not many.

Your competitors face the same problem. Therefore, we have found out that they scroll through your pages for comments under your posts.

Obviously, anyone who comments is either interested in your business and either want to know more/make a purchase or someone who has already patronised you and is simply making a comment.

Either way, anyone who comments about your page is a potential customer for your competitors, and they know this.

Therefore, they usually send a direct or private message to such commenter and in most cases, offer better conditions of service than you could possibly offer in an attempt to pull them from you.

This is why this Zebrabuzz feature for your online business on Instagram will delete or hide normal comments on your page.

Do not fret; comments will only be hidden from the third party when you reply to the comment, the commenter will see your reply.

If you want to delete permanently, you can as well so you will simply reply to the person directly through their private messaging.

Instagram Automation


A prerequisite for an online business is regularly posting on your page. With a wide range of businesses and products being uploaded daily, you have to find your way into the mix.

This means you need to consistently post regularly so you will not get lost in the massively volatile market.

As you regularly post products on your page, new or existing customers will surely make comments on them, and you are required to answer all of them.

Whether the reply is to acknowledge, thank or answer them, you have a responsibility not to leave a comment on your page without reply.

That being said, you will agree that manually replying to hundreds and thousands of comments on each post is a tedious, time-consuming, and boring task.

You may resort to hiring someone who will reply, but such a person is also human. There is bound to be inconsistency in the way such person replies as well as slowness in replying and in the long run, ignoring the bulk of the replies.

Do not forget that there will also be recurring expenses like salary, wages, bonuses, and many more payments you will have to make.

However, this Zebrabuzz feature for a business on Instagram can reply to all of the comments on any of your posts with immediate alacrity.

Recent studies confirm that customers who make contact with an online business expect a reply win 0-10 minutes.

With immediate replies, you are giving your customers what they want and expect, and this will lead to happy customers and more patronage.

Auto-Comment and Reply Whenever Your Business is Tagged anywhere on Instagram

In some cases, people may tag you in a post to refer to your business. This tags may get lost in a sea of notifications for your business, especially if it is not replied to immediately.

The Zebrabuzz tool for your business on Instagram will also help you out in this regard. You have the responsibility to reply to these tags to show that you have seen it.

Also, it will automatically help you reply to any post that you have been tagged in on Instagram.

Enable and Disable Comments

This Zebrabuzz feature for your business on Instagram also has a function that allows you to disable comments for a particular post. You can do this with only one click.

The same goes for enabling comments. There are several reasons why you may want not want people to make comments on a particular post, depending on the type of business you have.

Check All Comments on a Post

After adding Instagram Reply Enhancer to Zebrabuzz, you will be able to see all the comments on a specific post from any point in time with just a click.

You do not have to manually scroll through your Instagram account to know how many comments are there on a post.


The Zebrabuzz feature for your business on Instagram also enables you to check the analytics of a post.

This helps you know how a post is faring on Instagram by using metrics such as engagements, impressions, reach, and saved.

All the benefits of this default Zebrabuzz feature will help improve your business and help smoothen your interactions with your customers.

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