Chatbots are revolutionising the marketing and communications industry. As their popularity grows, so does the increase in the many chatbot building platforms available.

There are different types of chatbots available and several chatbot building platforms. Zebrabuzz and Cleverbot are two of the chatbot platforms that currently exist. This blog will aim to compare the two and see what they offer.

Zebrabuzz and Cleverbot are two very different chatbots. They have quite different uses and have several different features.

According to Cleverbot’s website, “Cleverbot is an entertainment – not made to be logical, give advice, or be useful.” Zebrabuzz, on the other hand, is made to be useful and logical. It can be useful to reach and engage customers wherever they are. It can also boost sales and marketing


Cleverbot is a web application chatbot that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to chat with humans. Besides the web application, it is also available as an app on iOS, Android, and Windows. Cleverbot does not have pre-programmed responses, and it learns only from human input to find answers.

Zebrabuzz is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that can be integrated into multiple platforms. Like Cleverbot, it can be integrated into mobile apps as well. It is also a chatbot for web, email, and SMS. Some specific functions can be performed on Instagram.

You can also use Zebrabuzz to create QR codes that can be used in or outside Messenger. Zebrabuzz can be used to improve communication between brands and their customers as well as boost sales and marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

Both Zebrabuzz and Cleverbot are AI-Based.


Zebrabuzz has a drag-and-drop interface. You can easily build your chatbot in minutes. There is also a dashboard where you can access all your bot functions amongst many other features that it offers.

Cleverbot has a search bar underneath its logo on the web platform. You can ask the bot questions and engage in a conversation.


Neither of the platforms has chatbot templates. Zebrabuzz is a chatbot designed to suit your specific needs for any business your run while Cleverbot is only one conversational chatbot.

Chatbot templates are made for a specific use so users can simply choose and edit the bot to suit preferences. However, templates can sometimes be restrictive to a particular business.

You may face difficulties if you offer multiple services that contrast or are in different industries.

Zebrabuzz can be used to sell products, interact with customers, build Massive email lists to update customers on news, promotions, products, offers, etc. and book appointments, flight etc., make reservations, order food, Cinema Tickets, Taxi, among many others.


Zebrabuzz and Cleverbot have their different pricing. According to its website, the latter costs 99c in the US, 79c in Europe or 69p in the UK.

Zebabuzz has a free option with no credit card required as well as access to all its features for as long as 14 days!. With the many benefits on offer, you can make the money you need and more before you are required to pay. You can also cancel anytime.

Besides the free option, it also has three different packages; the Pro-Bot which is very extensive in its functions and costs a one-time payment of $14.99/mo, Expert Bot costs $22.88/mo, and Legend Bot, which has more services than many other chatbot platforms and costs $44.98/mo.

All Zebrabuzz packages are one-time meaning you don’t have to pay extra for any additional function unless you want to upgrade your package.

Zebrabuzz vs Cleverbot

Some Other Features of Zebrabuzz

Zebrabuzz Facebook Auto Commenter Tool

The Zebrabuzz Facebook auto commenter or autoresponder tool can be integrated into your Facebook page and automatically reply to customers’ comments and messages privately and publicly. Instead of manually replying tons of comments on your page, this tool can be used to reply to them without your supervision.

The Facebook auto liker tool can also boost likes on your page and like pages and comments.

E-Commerce in Messenger

This allows you to open your store directly on Messenger so that customers do not have to leave the platform to shop. It ensures optimum convenience for customers and increases conversion rates.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Reminders

This feature of Zebrabuzz allows you to send reminders to your customers who have forgotten to complete their purchase.

It will send reminders via Messenger, SMS, and email to customers who have not checked out. This significantly increases your chances of selling more. The reminder also directly links to the payment page, so they don’t have to find the product and initiate the process again.

Social Poster Feature

This is to automate your social media posts on Facebook and other platforms. You can use this feature to post your products to as many social media pages for as long as possible.

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