There is a lot of buzz around the chatbot industry, and it has become the preferred marketing strategy of many marketers today. For all chatbots offer, the hype is justified.

Chatbots can be available round the clock and used to communicate with users in real-time.

As many marketers and companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and the likes prefer this approach to marketing; many chatbot building platforms are now available.

However, not all chatbots are built the same way. There are many chatbot building platforms today that help marketers boost sales and marketing as well as develop a detailed understanding of their customers which will increase customer loyalty.

This blog will compare two of the best and most effective chatbots we presently have, Zebrabuzz and Manychat and see what they offer and how effective each and can be.

Comparison between Chatbots

Comparing chatbots is important because some people may have had a bumpy ride with a particular chatbot.

Their experience has drawn them into making general conclusions about the entire chatbot industry and marketing.

However, because one has burned you does not mean others are like that. Also, as chatbots are not created equal, there is the possibility you may have used a bot template, for instance, that is not in tandem with your business.

Zebrabuzz and Manychat Chatbots

These two chatbot building platforms are very similar, with only a few differences.  Both Zebrabuzz and Manychat are Facebook Messenger chatbots that can be integrated into multiple platforms.

Manychat chatbot marketing system automates and combines Facebook Messenger and SMS to grow a business. Like many other chatbots, it is built to capture more leads, engage with prospects, and so on.

Zebrabuzz is a chatbot for web and Facebook Messenger. You can grow your business by connecting with new and existing customers wherever they are. It is also used to generate leads, sales, and engage customers in real-time via web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Zebrabuzz vs Manychat Chatbots

Leads Generation

Both Zebrabuzz and Manychat can generate massive leads for your business. Generally, chatbots can drive sales with massive open rates. However, the percentage of open rates differs based on the chatbot platform, and that applies here as well.

Manychat has 80% open rate and 25% Click-Through-Rates which is good. However, Zebrabuzz, on the other hand, assures even better open rates with up to 95% on offer and CTRs in the same region as that of Manychat.

95% open rates mean with Zebrabuzz, almost all of your customers are likely to open, read, and possibly engage your messages which may include offers, tailored offerings, and so many others. This significantly improves your chances of conversions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is present in both chatbots meaning they can have conversations with customers just as much as humans.

Zebrabuzz, specifically, has a different kind of artificial intelligence to many other chatbots available with personalised and customised recommendations for your customers based on their date.

This ensures they spend more time on your page, checking out other products that they will be interested in.

It can also directly tag customers in comment replies by using their names or/and their usernames which will give a personal touch to interactions.

With the power of artificial intelligence, Zebrabuzz can also delete or hide unwanted and negative comments on your page.


Zebrabuzz and Manychat are compatible with the same channels. They are both Facebook Messenger chatbots that connect with your users on SMS, Email, and on the web as well. Some specific functions can be performed on Instagram.

You can also use both platforms to create QR codes that can be used in or outside Messenger.


Zebrabuzz and Manychat both have a drag-and-drop interface and you can easily build chatbots in minutes.


Manychat has template chatbots for each business. However, although Zebrabuzz does not, the chatbot can be designed to suit your specific needs for any business you run.

Templates can sometimes be restrictive to a particular business, and you may face difficulties if you offer multiple services that are in contrasting or different industries.

Zebrabuzz can be used to sell products, interact with customers, build Massive email lists to update customers on news, promotions, products, offers, etc. and to book appointments, flight etc., make reservations, order food, Cinema Tickets, Taxi, among many others.


Zebrabuzz and Manychat have options to use the platform for free. However, as at the time of this writing, Manychat only provides channel access to Facebook Messenger for the fee plan.

Zebabuzz also has a free option with no credit card required as well as access to all its features for as long as 14 days!. With the many benefits on offer, you can make the money you need and more before you are required to pay. You can also cancel anytime.

Manychat also a Pro package that costs $10/monthly with additional Email and SMS being a pay as you go service. According to a 2020 chatbot review by Ometrics, the costs of having a Manychat chatbot could also extend up to $145+.

Zebrabuzz has three different packages; the Pro-Bot which is very extensive in its functions and costs a one-time payment of $14.99/mo, Expert Bot costs $22.88/mo, and Legend Bot, which has more services than many other chatbot platforms and costs $44.98/mo.

All Zebrabuzz packages are one-time meaning you don’t have to pay extra for any additional function unless you want to upgrade your package.

Zebrabuzz and Manychat

Some Other Features of Zebrabuzz

Zebrabuzz Facebook Auto Commenter Tool

The Facebook auto commenter or autoresponder tool can be integrated into your Facebook page and automatically reply to customers comments and messages both privately and publicly. Instead of manually replying tons of comments on your page, this tool can be used to reply to them without your supervision.

E-Commerce in Messenger

This allows you to open your store directly on Messenger so that customers do not have to leave the platform to shop. It ensures optimum convenience for customers and increases conversion rates.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Reminders

This is a feature of Zebrabuzz that allows you to send reminders to your customers who have forgotten to complete their purchase.

It will send reminders via Messenger, SMS, and email to customers who have not checked out. This significantly increases your chances of selling more. The reminder also has a link directly to the payment page, so they don’t have to find the product and initiate the process again.

Social Poster Feature

This is to automate your social media posts on Facebook and other platforms. You can use this feature to post your products to as many social media pages for as long as possible.

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