You need to market your products across several social media platforms. Due to social media’s popularity and because many people spend time there, you can have a wider reach if you regularly post products on these platforms.

As there are different social media platforms, deciding the channel that will be important to you depends on your target audience.

Posting your products and services on several social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress Site, Blogger, and many others can take its toll on you.

Zebrabuzz’s Instagram Posting Can Publish And Schedule Posts To Instagram Automatically

A repetitive task like this can be burdensome, so scheduling posts on social media is the best and easiest way to connect to your audience without stress.

Sometimes you may have to publish the same posts over and over. Although you can hire a social media manager to do the job for you, there is a better solution.

Instagram posting is part of Zebrabuzz’s social posting feature, which allows you to schedule and publish image and video posts on Instagram. This can save precious time and money.

All you need to do is create a campaign for the post. After creating, the social poster feature will continue to post without supervision.

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Not only will it post to Instagram, but you can also automate this feature to post to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Blogger, WordPress, Reddit, and many others.

You can read the blog on it here to learn how to schedule posts to Instagram and other social media platforms.

Nowadays, almost every social media user uses Instagram, including celebrities. Instagram is also an image/video-based platform.

Therefore, if images and videos can describe your products properly, you should focus on Instagram marketing.

Due to how often you may be posting and how large some of the product posts may be, Zebrabuzz has come up with this Instagram posting feature to help you post your products on Instagram seamlessly.

Instagram has recently released the content publishing API, and this Zebrabuzz feature follows suit.

Just like the other features on offer at Zebrabuzz, the Instagram posting feature is easy to use and highly efficient. It has a simple drag and drop interface that can help you create Instagram campaigns easily.

When creating your campaign, you can view a preview of how the post will look on the interface’s right side.

Should you want to add or remove some things on the campaign later on, you can edit the campaign or delete it if you no longer want it to go live.

You can also see reports from the campaign and other metrics such as reach, engagements, etc.

You will also be able to set the time zone, the time, how often you want the Zebrabuzz feature to publish the posts, amongst other settings.

Consistently making product posts is important if you want to reach a wider audience on Instagram. Posting regularly will also increase the traffic on your page and help you convert faster and higher.

Not only is being consistent with your posts tedious work, but you may also sometimes forget or be too busy at the time you usually make posts.

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Therefore, you can schedule the Instagram posts in advance, and when it is time, Zebrabuzz lets it fly. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business and grow your business to unprecedented levels.

The Instagram social poster is one of the many features of Zebrabuzz. Others include;

  1. E-commerce in Messenger, which allows you to market and sell your products on Facebook Messenger.
  2. Abandoned cart recovery reminder, which sends reminders to customers who may have forgotten to check out.
  3. Integration with up to eight payment gateways for a seamless checkout.
  4. Facebook auto liker to help boost your likes on Facebook, among many others.

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