Social media marketing is now receiving lots of attention, and rightfully so. With billions of people using them monthly, many marketers are now making the shrewd decision of concentrating more on ways to sell directly on prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and the likes.

Although e-commerce sites have their benefits, they are gradually being blown off the water by social media marketing.

As people use platforms like Facebook and Instagram for work leisure, fun, chatting with loved ones and so on, they usually do not want to leave.

This is why online marketing software services like Zebrabuzz and the likes have features and tools to ensure you can sell to your customers directly on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and other platforms easily without customers having to leave.

Using certain features to sell directly on Instagram is still relatively uncommon, which is more reason to start now to gain grounds. Only a few businesses use it, and the results have been highly impressive.

You will notice that you tend to see products from certain businesses more often than others either on your feed or in the ‘Explore’ tab.

This is because these businesses have optimised their social media marketing using new and unique tools from marketing systems like Zebrabuzz and so on to boost their sales and engagements.

While on Instagram, users may stumble upon a business post. However, most people get discouraged when they realise they would have to leave Instagram to buy the product.

In time past, businesses only used social media to direct people to their e-commerce websites. This has changed because customers no longer need to visit e-commerce sites to buy anymore.

With new updates made, you can now buy and sell directly on Instagram without ever leaving, but you need to do it properly.

Selling on Instagram goes beyond posting your products with their prices and waiting on your customers; there are tools that you should use to automate the process of reaching your customers and making them buy.

Zebrabuzz is a web marketing tool that can help you sell directly on your Instagram account and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and the likes.

It helps you automate buying and selling to ensure a smooth sales cycle. Not only does it make things easy for your customers, but it does for you too.

You no longer have to be online to make money from your business. You also do not have to be online to engage your customers and build solid relationships with them. How?

Zebrabuzz Features and Tools that Help you sell Directly on Instagram

Zebrabuzz Features and Tools that Help you sell Directly on Instagram

With Zebrabuzz’s latest features, you can significantly drive up sales and engagements on your Instagram account.

Social media marketing requires a lot of work. There are millions of businesses out there who are trying to sell their products directly on Instagram successfully.

For this reason, you cannot handle the work on your own, and once you are not consistent, your products can get lost in the sea of competition that exists.

However, with favourable metrics and the latest artificial intelligence, Zebrabuzz keeps you above the competition and puts your products at the forefront of Instagram marketing.

Here are the latest Zebrabuzz upgraded features and tools that help you sell directly on Instagram:

Selling via Comments and Zebrabuzz’s Comment Automation Feature

One of the many ways marketers sell directly on Instagram is through comments. When a user comments on your posts, they usually show interest in buying the product or want more information.

Therefore, you can sell to them directly by replying to their comments or taking the transaction to the DM (Direct Messaging). Whichever way, the transaction started via the comments section, which means it is a great way to sell your products.

Nevertheless, initiating a sales cycle via your comments to many of your customers can prove to be a herculean task. It can be very tedious trying to reply to all the commenters on your post.

Remember, you have to be consistent and regular with your posts. Therefore, with many posts on your page come many comments and engagements.

This means you will have to reply to all of them and ensure the replies are quick. A recent study found that 95% of people who reach out to an online business expect a response within the first 10 minutes.

With this expectation and the large number of possible comments you will receive, it would become difficult to respond to your customers, and when you leave comments unanswered to, you risk losing potential customers.

Even if the comments are not many, they may be posted in the night when you are asleep, and customers will still expect replies immediately.

This is where the Zebrabuzz comment automation feature steps in. Comment automation feature has a tool known as ‘Comment Reply Enhancer’ which helps to automate comment replies on your Instagram page.

This tool will ensure that no comment on your page is left unanswered. As soon as the comment is made, it will instantly respond no matter the time or day.

Asides providing an automatic and immediate response, this Zebrabuzz tool can also help you hide or delete comments on your Instagram posts.

If you want to know more about Zebrabuzz comment automation and how it can help you sell directly on Instagram, read the blog on it here.

Consistency in Posting and Zebrabuzz’s Social Poster Tool

Can you Sell Directly on Instagram?

As stated earlier, if you want to sell directly on Instagram successfully, you need to be consistent with your posts.

Your posts are more or less your product catalogue. When posts are scanty and not enough, your potential customers will conclude you don’t have enough products to satisfy them and will end up leaving.

Posting content regularly can also become burdensome. Having to post consistently and at strategic times can be boring and tedious on you; hence, the need for the Zebrabuzz social poster tool.

With this tool, you will be able to post regularly on your page as much as you want. Not only will it post on Instagram, but it can also post to as many social media platforms as you are on, including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Selling Via Direct Messaging (DMs) and the Zebrabuzz AI Chatbot

Another way to sell directly on Instagram is via the platform’s Direct Messaging. When customers see your post, if they do not comment, they usually go through the DM.

This means the transaction will be made here. However, this requires you to be online 24/7, and quite frankly, that’s not humanly possible.

You also do not know when a customer would message so you may be online for some time and this can get boring, or you might lose interest.

As customers expect quick responses, you need a feature that will always be on hand to provide answers.

Zebrabuzz has a Facebook Messenger chatbot that can be linked to your Instagram account. Remember, you should have a Facebook business page if you would like to make it easier to sell directly on Instagram.

This bot is also highly intelligent because of the latest Artificial Intelligence, which means you do not have to be worried about boring conversations.

It can simulate conversations like a human because of its machine learning, natural language processing and semantic comprehension.

the zebrabuzz chatbot is key to successful direct instagram sales

Not only will it be able to sell your products, but it can also engage customers. With this, it can save their data and preferences so that the next time they come, shopping becomes easier and faster.

This will also build strong relationships with your customers.

Using Shoppable Posts and Zebrabuzz’s E-commerce Virtual Store

Shoppable Posts on Instagram are generally for businesses that have an e-commerce website. Nevertheless, it is possible to use it if you want to sell directly on Instagram without redirecting your customers to your website.

A Shoppable Post on Instagram looks very much like the normal post but with a tiny white shopping bag in the corner. By clicking on the image, you get to see the details of the product as well as a link to buy.

This link is usually to the website, but as you have a Facebook Messenger business profile, you can create a Zebrabuzz e-commerce virtual store that will be linked with your posts and customers can visit to make a purchase.

Thankfully, as you can integrate it to your Instagram, users do not have to leave the platform to complete a purchase.

It is possible to sell directly on Instagram. However, with competition flanking you and the increasing demands of customers, it has become important that you automate the process and make your services faster, different, and easier. This will set you apart from the rest.

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