The significant roles bots play in a business are so overwhelming that one begins to wonder how much chatbots are sold for.

Either you plan to buy or sell, knowing the finances involved in the sales of chatbots is very important.

Just like the gold rush, the chatbot industry is all the rage nowadays. Everybody wants a piece of it. Everybody is willing to get involved.

With the ability to answer more than 80% of customer queries, the impact chatbots have on a business cannot be denied.

There is constant need to improve yourself and your business. There is also need to always strike to be better than your rivals in the business.

With that being said, the digital and online marketing stratosphere is proliferating and there is constant need to be better than competitors.

While some businesses have taken advantage of chatbots, some have not.

If you are part of the businesses that have not seized this opportunity, there is no need to fret as the industry is still open. There is enough room.

Moreover, most people jump into chatbot usage without understanding the industry better and without choosing popular and effective bots.

Why are Chatbot prices Different?

As they are all the same technology, a lot of people wonder why the prices for which chatbots are sold differ.

Generally, chatbots can cost as low as $0, and as high as $1,000 and more.

The price of a chatbot in one company or an agency will be different from its price in another company and there are reasons for this.

Just like most products and services in the market, prices differ and it is no different in the chatbot industry.

Although it is a new technology, there are majorly two reasons why the price of how much chatbots are sold differs in the market today.

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These reasons are called the chatbot pricing metrics.

  • Defining price based on the value that the chatbot offers and not based on how much work it can do.
  • Defining chatbots based on the amount of work you will put into making it.

Metrics in Determining How Much Chatbots are Sold

The chatbot industry is new so it is no surprise that part of the frequently asked questions is how much chatbots are sold.

However, there are metrics that define chatbot pricing. These metrics vary based on the agency that is selling the chatbot as well as the kind of bots that is being sold.

There are agencies that set prices by considering certain cogent metrics. You then have to choose which metric works best for you.

The metrics in determining how much chatbots are sold for are:

Value-Based Pricing
Work-Based Pricing

Value-Based Pricing

As stated earlier, this is measuring the price a chatbot will go far based on how much value it can add to your business.

There are certain factors to consider when pricing based on value.

Determining how much a chatbot should be sold for based on the value means you will put factors like the size of the company and how much money they spend on marketing into consideration.

A bigger business means a chatbot will most likely either make more money for them in their marketing department, save more money or do both.

Determining how much chatbots are sold for based on value usually leads to high prices especially if it is a big business or company.

If you are selling to a big business and you prices are high because of the value you believe the chatbot will offer, you need to be convincing enough.

Your prospect will of course see how much benefit and value it adds to their business but you need to also be able to provide more than the average chatbot company will provide.

This is why some people see chatbots whose prices are very high. It does not however mean all prices are this way as there is another metric for determining price.

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Work-Based Pricing

Work-based pricing is easy to figure out. It is simply about how much work you will put into making the chatbot.

Determining how much chatbots are sold for based on amount of work is easy.

Although chatbot builders know their rates, they also need to first listen and read the brief that has been sent by the company they are making bots for.

Usually, these kind of prices are set based on one-on-one interaction. They are not fixed. The more work it takes to create the bot, the higher the price that is set.

Also, chatbot builders in addition to the work it takes to build the bots also put into consideration the amount of work a chatbot will do.

Chatbots are very versatile and multitasking. They can be used in several aspects of a business.

From advertising to customer satisfaction, leads generation and many other departments, chatbots can do a whole lot.

It is a no brainer to know that the more the areas you want to deploy your chatbot, the higher the price you have to pay for it.

It is easy to program a bot that will only be used to sell products than building one that will advertise, schedule appointments, generate leads, and provide insights among many other features.

Value-Based and Work-Based Pricing in Determining How much chatbots are sold

This is not difficult to understand. It is mainly a combination of the two metrics of determining how much chatbots are sold for.

Although they can be very effective if they are developed by good chatbot builders, pricing based on both are rare but are usually very expensive.

Value-based pricing and work-based pricing are chatbots that will do almost everything that a chatbot offers with the highest level of efficiency.

You will get a chatbot that will engage customers, give you insights, sell e-commerce products, create massive email list, generate quality leads, send blasts, deliver contents and create personalized ads etc

These bots will not only execute all the above functions among a variety of others, they will do them with the highest form of effectiveness that is available in the market.

Although it is normal for these bots to be naturally expensive, Zebrabuzz creates this kind of chatbots at the best rate.

You also have the option of removing some services which you may not need.

Although chatbots are still being developed, the market is still very open and now that you know how much chatbots are sold for and why there are metrics and difference in prices, what are you waiting for? Give your business the edge by choosing highly effective chatbots.

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