Bots are not only meant for large scale businesses, but small businesses can also use chatbots for their Facebook marketing.

Chatbots have been around for quite some time. However, ever since the introduction of Facebook Messenger chatbots in 2016, the world’s attention has greatly moved to this innovation.

Businesses, especially bigwigs like Amazon, Google, Microsoft etc. have adopted their use over the last few years.

Nevertheless, many believe this new technology is meant only for large organisations and companies. This is not true; small scale businesses can also use chatbots for Facebook marketing.

If you have a small business, and you are interested in ways you can integrate intelligent chatbots like Zebrabuzz for Facebook marketing; this blog will show you simple and trusted strategies you can employ.

Chatbots offer marketers and businesses a lot of benefits, but the impacts you may have heard are only a swipe in a huge wave of progress, especially with more upgrades being made.

Presently, Facebook hosts over 80 million small and medium scale business pages on its platform. This is a huge increase from the 30 million it had back in 2015.

This growth in numbers shows that Facebook is a significant platform for businesses worldwide.

Nevertheless, the numbers keep going up and there comes a need to pull ahead of the obvious competition. Hence, small businesses must use chatbots for Facebook Marketing.

As there is competition for any service you may offer, consumer expectations have risen, and you also need to step up and make improvements.

Before highlighting how to use them for Facebook marketing, what are the benefits of chatbots to a small business?

Benefits of Chatbots to a Small Business

Ensuring the needs, aims, and objectives of a small business are met can be bothering. The aim is to grow and be one day called a large scale or multinational company

However, chatbots have come to play major benefits by giving several boosting elements to businesses, including small businesses.

Excellent Customer Service

It’s a small business does not mean you don’t need to worry about customers. In fact, you need to worry more about serving them properly if you ever have ambitions of growing.

In an age where what it takes to take down a business is one tweet from a disgruntled customer, you really do not want to make a customer unhappy.

Your customers need directions and guides as to how to navigate on your platform. Chatbots make up for this loophole by being there to provide directions and tips to visitors on how to manoeuvre their way on your page.

Talk about the need for more information about a product or service. Customers find Chatbots as a replica of a Sales Person at a store. This impact helps in making users experience on your pages smooth and appealing.

Your Business is Always Available

Chatbots are the closest thing to erasing the problem of customers waiting for a customer service representative to be free because they are always available.

As you run a small business, there exists the chance that there may not be enough funds to hire too many agents and representatives.

When your business is always available to engage your customers, you are showing commitment to customer experience and showing you care about customer satisfaction.

Talk about an online user waking up to enquire about a product on your Facebook page at 3 am. Chatbots come in and respond to the requests while you rest.

This is a remarkable and seemingly impacting benefit of chatbots as customers further rely on the business as a result of its timely and effective response to requests.

Reduces Costs and Boosts Sales

Having a chatbot is less expensive than having the human resource, and with the former able to do the job of the latter even more efficiently, it is a no brainer.

You need to pay the salaries of your customer support staff monthly, and this is a recurring expense that can be avoided with the use of chatbots.

Chatbots can also build sales. They can generate quality leads for you, and you need not be told that leads mean potential customers.

They can also be used to sell products, send updates, offers or promos, and build massive email lists.

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Ways Small Businesses Can Use Chatbots for Facebook Marketing

As a small business owner, here are ways you can use chatbots to improve your Facebook marketing:

  1. Use it to Personalise your Content Delivery
  2. Small Businesses Can Use Chatbots to send Broadcasts to Improve their Facebook Marketing
  3. Allow Chatbots to function in Different Areas
  4. Use Chatbots to Grow your Email Lists
  5. Use Chatbots to Get Customer Feedbacks and Reviews
  6. Make Use Chatbots to Automate Appointment Scheduling and Provide Reminders

Use Chatbots to Personalise your Content Delivery

Small businesses can use chatbots for their Facebook marketing by personalising their content delivery.

Chatbots can record data from a user conversation. Not only can they store the data, but they can also use the data for future purposes to improve the experiences of your customers.

When a returning customer comes, data from their previous preferences, purchases, and choices are used to make their experience better.

This includes recommending products and services they may be interested in and reminding them of anything they may have forgotten.

facebook messenger marketing with chatbots

Use it to send Broadcasts

Another effective way small businesses can use chatbots for Facebook marketing is by using them to send broadcasts to subscribers.

Besides engaging and responding to your customers, a highly intelligent chatbot like Zebrabuzz will send broadcast messages for you.

To effectively reap the benefits of this feature, send news about your business, especially those that relate to limited offers, massive deals and any content you feel they will find interesting.

However, when it comes to broadcast messages, you must tread carefully, and it may be better to ask if they will be interested in receiving first-hand offers and news from you.

Allow Chatbots to function in Different Areas

Chatbots are very versatile and can be deployed into several places. They are also multitasking in that they can respond to and engage multiple customers at once.

Although it may be better to reduce the number of places your chatbots should function so it can be highly effective, as a small business, using it in multiple places will not hurt your business or your bot.

Large scale businesses are advised to desist from using chatbots in multiple areas, but as a small business, you have little or nothing to worry about.

Small businesses can employ the use of chatbots in multiple areas to help with their Facebook marketing.

Use Chatbots to Grow your Email Lists

After a conversation with a customer, ensure your chatbot asks the customer if they would like to receive updates via email.

Customers who agree will be added to your email lists immediately, and you will be able to send newsletters, offers, massive deals, promos etc.

That is one way easy small businesses can use chatbots to help them in their Facebook marketing.

Use Chatbots to Get Customer Feedbacks and Reviews

Small businesses can also use chatbots to get customer feedback and reviews as they aim to improve their Facebook marketing.

Reviews and feedbacks are very important to a business, especially small businesses, as it helps you know the areas your customers want you to improve and be better.

By gathering reviews and working on them, you are getting better and offering the kind of service your customers desire. More happy customers mean more recommendations and referrals for your business.

Make Use of Chatbots to Automate Appointment Scheduling and to Provide Reminders

You can also use chatbots to automate appointment scheduling. This will be useful in ensuring efficient services.

However, it gets better when your chatbot provides constant reminders. Little things can make a difference, and small businesses can use chatbots to provide appointment reminders which can go a long way in your quest to improve your Facebook marketing.

Bigwigs and large scale businesses are not the only ones chatbots were made for, you too can take advantage of it, and you can do this by getting started here.

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