Many marketers now create their chatbot for Facebook Messenger and you can too. Facebook Messenger chatbots can offer your business a way to automate many customer service and marketing functions easily.

Customers do not have to wait to speak with a customer service agent, but instead, they can get their questions and queries answered by a chatbot.

AI Messenger chatbots like Zebrabuzz can also close sales, offer tailored offerings, generate and qualify leads, send reminders to customers with abandoned carts, among many other advantages.

With all these benefits, it is essential to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger to reduce the sales cycle and ensure greater efficiency.

For instance, chatbots, like Zebrabuzz, can also integrate with a wide range of platforms like email, Instagram, and SMS, among others. However, Facebook Messenger is one of the most important in dealing with online shoppers.

In fact, Facebook Messenger’s use amongst customers has now surpassed that of the social network among itself. Your customers will simply click the ‘Message’ button on your Facebook page or website, which will launch a Messenger session with your bot.

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Importance of Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Why do you need to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger? Here is your answer:

  • Greater Efficiency: You can use a chatbot to reduce the workload on your staff. As Messenger chatbots can be used to answer the simpler questions, it will allow your staff to focus more on the complicated customer issues.
  • Availability: Your Messenger chatbot will be available 24 hours in a day, and every day of the year – even your staff won’t be. One way you can win customers’ loyalty is the assurance that whenever they try to reach you, even at midnight, you are readily available.
  • Moving Customers Through the Sales Cycle Quickly: A chatbot can direct customers to the exact product or service they want. Within seconds and at most a minute or two, a user can move from being a visitor to a conversion.
  • Generate and Qualify Leads: Need more customers? Chatbots can bring them. High click-through-rates and open rates make Messenger chatbots like Zebrabuzz and the likes preferable.

You can learn more about the benefits of Messenger chatbots here or here.

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

As powerful as Facebook Messenger bots are, you can also make one. Many people associate creating a chatbot with technicalities that they may not understand.

However, with a non-coding platform like Zebrabuzz, you can create a Facebook Messenger chatbot in a matter of minutes.  

You do not have to be a developer or programmer to make one for yourself or business. All you need is a Facebook page, and the rest of the creation process is as follows:

  1. Sign up for a Zebrabuzz Account

To start creating your Messenger bot, visit Zebrabuzz’s website and click the Get Started button on the homepage to start for free.

  • Import your Facebook Page

The next step is to link your Facebook page. Once you have created your account and logged in to your profile, you will be redirected to your Zebrabuzz dashboard.

Click ‘Import’ to link your page. You will be asked to give the app permission, click allow. You can link as many Facebook pages as possible to one Zebrabuzz account.

  • Enable Bot Connection

The next step is to enable bot connection on each of the pages you have imported. Click the ‘plug’ icon beside each page name to do this.

  • Create your Bot Replies

Next, create your bot replies. You can have as many replies and templates as possible. Replies like Quick Reply, Text, Text with Buttons, Image, Video, Audio, File, Media, Carousel, Generic Template, etc.

The combination of all of these reply type will make your bot replies.

  • Set Reply Triggers

For each reply you create for your Facebook Messenger chatbot, you can set keywords. Whenever your bot identifies any of these keywords in the message a user sends, it will subsequently respond with the appropriate reply.

For instance, if you create a Quick Reply as your Welcome Message, your keywords could be ‘Hello, Hi, Hey, Yo,’ and the likes. A user will most likely use a greeting expression whenever they open a message with you. When they do, your chatbot will respond with the respective reply.

You can use text with buttons reply to collect the email and phone number of your customers and an option for them to chat with a human.

Media replies like image, video, and file can be used to send your product pictures and videos. Therefore, you could provide keywords that tally.

Click Save and that is it, you have created a Messenger chatbot. You can test it out by asking a friend to send a message to your Facebook page.

There are many other functions and features that your Zebrabuzz account offers besides just the bot. You can create abandoned cart recovery reminders to remind customers who may have forgotten to checkout. This can help you recover lost sales.

You can also automate your Zebrabuzz to help you make organic posts with the Social Posting option on your dashboard. With this feature, the Zebrabuzz tool will make posts to the social media platforms you have integrated including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, WordPress site (self-hosted), and Medium.

Instead of posting to each platform, by creating a campaign, your chatbot will automatically make posts to all the platforms you choose without supervision.

Zebrabuzz Facebook Messenger chatbot can also work as a Facebook auto commenter or autoresponder to automatically respond to comments on your Facebook page privately or publicly. There is also a Facebook auto liker feature which can boost traffic on your page with likes.

What else, you can use your free Zebrabuzz account to integrate your store into Facebook Messenger so your customers do not have to leave Facebook to buy from you. They can see your products, make an order, and check out right there on Facebook.

This and many other features are present, and you can get started for free today.

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