Every business – including restaurant and catering business – desires to grow. If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you will want increased patronage, quality seamless customer experience, and widespread advertisement and sales promotion. With Facebook messenger chatbot, it is possible to achieve all your business goals and even more.

A messenger chatbot like Zebrabuzz can offer a tailored, highly engaged, and personalized engagement and interaction with your customers. This will lead to more patronage and better sales.

These days, having a Facebook page for your restaurant is imperative. Your customers on Facebook may make enquiries before making orders or schedule food delivery via your website or application.

These days, customers prefer not to send emails or make phone calls because of the long waiting hours or slow response time.

Studies have shown that there are more than 250,000 chatbots on Facebook. This reflects the effectiveness and exceptional customer service that chatbots can offer your restaurant business.

Not only can it help in customer acquisition, but also in increasing the lead conversion rate of your business. Digitalization is here to stay, and if your business is slow to catch up, you may be missing out on capturing new customers.

Chatbot messenger can complement your restaurant’s customer service strategy.

For years, lots of catering services have used chatbots to interact with new customers, but by building your chatbot with Zebrabuzz, you can easily customize your chatbot to fit into your marketing strategy.

The chatbot is characterized by simplicity and flexibility that businesses have no problem building and individualizing chatbots for their business in 10 minutes or less.

As restaurants usually experience high comments and feedback, the Zebrabuzz chatbot is also equipped with several tools like Facebook auto commenter to automatically reply to comments on your posts privately or publicly. It can also like comments and pages automatically with the Facebook auto liker tool.

The growth of many businesses today has been power-driven by effective customer engagement and interaction.

Today, there are more than 2 billion messaging app users (nearly one-third of the world’s population). This means real-time customer services and chatbots are here to stay.

For more than two decades, a lot of effort and resources have been invested in researching ways in which customers can connect to business more swiftly and dependably.

With the growth of instant messaging platforms, the key to success in any business is the effective utilization of chatbots. Chatbots reply to customers’ inquiries instantly and offer an exceptional customer experience.

It is possible that your restaurant business has a Facebook page, but is not furnished with adequate business information and remains very static when customers engage with it.

Chatbots are a tremendous improvement; they can serve as a concierge for your business, assisting your customers in making reservations, and providing friendly follow-up when necessary.

Other businesses can spend a lot of money to hire supercilious programmers to code them a functional bot, but with the Zebrabuzz chatbot building platform, you can create a personalized and easy-to-deploy chatbot in less than ten minutes.

You don’t have to spend hours learning how to build a customized chatbot for your restaurant business. It can easily be integrated with your Facebook page.

We want the chatbot building process to be seamless and enjoyable, not strenuous, and tedious.

This article aims to explain how to create a chatbot for your restaurant or catering service. You will also learn how chatbot messenger can increase the profitability of your business and streamline your customer service experience.


How to Create a chatbot for restaurant


Why Is Chatbot Best for Your Restaurant?

We have emphasized severally that chatbots are highly effective in customer engagement and interaction.

Chatbot messengers can assist your customers in making orders, offering discounts and special offers, giving instant or real-time respond to inquiries, complaints, and reviews.

All in a friendly, fun, and hospitable interface. A chatbot messenger is not only timely but simple to build and highly interactive. 

Here are three reasons why chatbots are fantastic for your restaurant business.

Making personalize food recommendations

What is the finest way to earn the loyalty and continued patronage of your customers? By understanding and knowing your customers. Millennials, in particular, are more comfortable with brands that understand their preferences. 

Nothing pleases a customer greatly than making personalized recommendations, but the first step to doing that is understanding the food and drink preferences of your customers.

This is where chatbot comes in. It is very unlikely that your sales agent will be able to cram the food choices and preferences of your customers and intricately understand them in a bid to make personal recommendations.

Zebrabuzz is powered by the latest artificial intelligence features including machine learning, semantic comprehension, etc.

With prior details of your customer’s last purchases, a chatbot messenger can provide accurate recommendations to your customers. This will go a long way in increasing the loyalty of your customers.

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Improved table reservation

Chatbots can be used to streamline the whole process of making reservations and orders. It need not be strenuous and time-consuming as it always has been.

With a chatbot messenger, you will experience minimal errors making the process of reservation and ordering seamless and error-free. 

A chatbot can easily be integrated into your Facebook page and websites to improve engagement with your customers. 


Remember those times when you were inundated with so many phone calls and complaints from customers about their food delivery status? Say goodbye to those unpleasant hours.

A chatbot messenger will effectively do a good job of instantly replying to your customers, saving your business time. 


How to create a chatbot for a restaurant


How to create a chatbot for restaurant

Those reasons above are just a few of many rationales for using chatbots. With using chatbot messenger, you will begin to experience significant growth in your business.

But first, it is good to think of what you want the chatbot to accomplish in your business. Is it increased productivity or better customer service cum marketing strategy? Or Both?

A chatbot is strategic to your business success, if well utilized. You can start by creating a powerful social media customer service strategy and integrating chatbot into the whole process.

So if you intend to increase the profitability of your restaurant business and increase customer patronage, you can start using chatbot messenger today. Sign up here or Check out our plan here. You do not need a single line of code to build an effective messenger chatbot.


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