As opposed to the general belief that all businesses must have a website, you can have a successful business without one. Businesses can sell products on Facebook successfully, despite not having a website.

Facebook is one of the best platforms for the 21st-century business to set up shop. Facebook data shows that the social media platform has monthly active users closing in at 2 billion.

To put this into perspective, Facebook gives your business exposure to a quarter of the world’s population. Talk about reach.

Facebook’s instant messaging platform, Messenger allows businesses to market and sell their products with ease; hence, most businesses no longer find the need for websites.

With Facebook Messenger, people can share anything they feel and want to say with people. Facebook has made the Messenger platform such that it feels like the conversation is being had face-to-face.

People like personal interaction and asides that, it is also important for businesses as both buyer and seller can adequately express themselves for a smooth sale.

There are so many features that Facebook has that help businesses sell their products.

From the size of the active users to the new tools integrated into the platform and the Facebook Messenger chatbots introduced in 2016, the possibilities of a running a successful business where you can sell your products on Facebook without a website are endless.

Facebook Messenger chatbots for one has made online marketing so much easier. Placing your business on a global platform like Facebook Messenger is only going to reap many benefits.

Integrating an artificial intelligence Facebook Messenger chatbot like Zebrabuzz makes it all the merrier.

With all the benefits Facebook Messenger chatbots offer, you will be surprised to know that this is only a swipe in a huge wave of development.

The potentials to sell products and services on Facebook without a website are indeed overwhelmingly exciting.

Asides Facebook Messenger, Facebook also has a feature called Marketplace where you can also sell products without a website. Read more on that here.

Tools That Will Help You Sell Products on Facebook Messenger without a Website

To sell products on Facebook Messenger, whether you have a website or not, you must take advantage of the tools.

Facebook Messenger has many easy-to-use tools that will help you on the way to marketing and reaching your customers.

Such tools include the ability to add photos, add files, choose a sticker, use an emoji, choose a gif, play a game, and you can also use the quick cam to take a picture.

These tools have several benefits, like sending photos from your device to a friend, family member, or customer. You can also send stickers from the sticker store that show different emotions as well as different types of gifts.

There is also the opportunity to send any file from your device, choose from a vast size of emoji, play games with your friends and families etc.

Facebook Messenger also gives you the chance to react to people’s messages without typing a new message. You can simply give a thumbs up to a message or add any other preferred reaction.

Also, it is possible to make a live video chat with your friends, family, or customers, take pictures of products you want to send or sell on Facebook whether you have a website or not as well as using the quick cam to take and instantly send pictures.

As you may not have a website, pictures are very important, and you will need high-quality images to show your customers. Thankfully, Facebook Messenger gives the chance of sending pictures from your device in HD.

Facebook Messenger also has the moments feature like Instagram and other platforms where you can share moments through stories.

You can find these tools’ icons at the bottom of Facebook Messenger’s single window. To use them, you need to click on the preferred tool.

Tips to Sell Your Products on Facebook Messenger

With the platform providing the possibility of reaching numerous people as well as easy-to-use tools put in place, there are certain tips to sell your products successfully.

Selling products without a website may require extra effort, but it is one that will bring positive results.

One way to sell your products on Facebook is following up on the customers that may have dropped a comment on your posts. You can ask these customers to come to your Messenger to continue interaction privately.

This way, you can tell them more about your products and services, the features, functions accompanied by pictures as well as prices for each. You can also answer all of their questions.

People will generally trust a product if they have gotten details about it and have heard directly from real people. This is why conversational marketing is very important for the 21-st-century business; even more important than websites in some cases.

Another way you can sell products on Facebook without a website is by using video content. Thankfully, Facebook allows you to send videos.

People are naturally more convinced when they see videos of the product or service, how it works, and many other things.

Video is very important in marketing, and this is why YouTube has the second most active users behind Facebook.

What else? You can also share the testimonies of many of your previous customers which will go a long way in convincing any potential customer.

When using Facebook to market your products, ensure you have a very comprehensive and detailed address on your profile. This is, so potential customers will know you are real and not a fraud.

When customers know they can easily find you, it increases your credibility, and they will likely patronise you.

Advantages of Selling Your Products on Facebook Messenger

E-commerce sites face several limitations. As most sites do not have means of convincing customers besides product descriptions, customers are more likely only to view the product and leave.

Selling your products on Facebook Messenger allows you to speak with the customers and try to sell the product to them.

When customers view products on e-commerce sites, they usually have questions which cannot be answered by product descriptions. They may end up leaving as they are unsure whether to buy.

Studies confirm that e-commerce sites suffer a higher amount of abandoned carts or uncompleted orders. You can eliminate or reduce this product as you can put the fears or doubts of your customers to bed when you speak with them on Facebook Messenger.

You can also send more pictures and videos of a product to convince your customers. Usually, e-commerce sites do not put up enough images to help customers see everything they want to see about a product.

When you sell your products on Facebook Messenger, whether you already have a website or note, you can send as many pictures and videos as possible for your customers to see all they need to see to convince them to purchase.

With the opportunity for a video call, your customers can also hear and see live video of the product and how it works.

Facebook without website

Disadvantages of Selling Your Products on Facebook

A major limitation you will likely face if you want to sell your products on Facebook is your availability. It is like having a stall in a market. If you want to sell, you need to be at your stall or shop always.

This is the case when you want to sell your products on Facebook, probably because you have no website. Availability may pose a problem as it is possible for a customer to message your business while you are asleep.

A recent study shows that 90-95 % of online customers expect a response from an online business within 0-10 minutes.

That is to say; you must always be available. It is almost impossible for a human to be available 24 hours a day to reply. You can decide to have people working shifts, but this means you need multiple human agents which mean more expenses.

Thankfully, this problem has been solved by none other than Facebook themselves!

Facebook introduced the Facebook Messenger chatbots in 2016. With this bot, you can do the basic things like answer customers’ questions, send images and links, provide product descriptions and many more.

However, the bot may have limitations in that it is not very intelligent and may not be able to answer some technical questions.

Nevertheless, some platforms have solved this limitation by providing highly intelligent chatbot which can function to answer questions, simulate conversations like a human through the use of natural language processing and semantic comprehension, offer product reminders, and many other overwhelming features.

Chatbots like Zebrabuzz, for example, are not only intelligent, they can also integrate with multiple platforms. That is, they are not limited to Facebook Messenger should you want to diversify later on.

This AI-Powered chatbot can also sell products, send broadcasts and blasts, generate massive leads, store customer data, and integrate with payment features, among many other features.

It is possible to sell your products on Facebook without a website. The platform has given businesses a lot of opportunities, and you must take advantage of this.

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