With a steady increase in competition, you need to take the edge and gain grounds on your competitors; this and many more are reasons why your business needs a chatbot.

You may have heard about them and wonder what all the giddiness and hype is about. Four words, CHATBOTS ARE WORTH IT.

They are worth the hype, the fanfare, and the increasing attention they are now getting in the online and digital marketing sphere.

Chatbots have been around for decades, but ever since Facebook Messenger launched theirs in 2016, copious reasons have emerged as to why your business needs a chatbot.

Whatever your business is and whichever sector you find yourself, there are certain things that chatbots will do for you to make your business better.

You may think your goals as an organisation is quite different from other businesses so you don’t think you should have a chatbot.

However, regardless of your goals as a business, one thing is sure that you must strive for; improvement; and your business needs a chatbot to improve.

Can all Businesses Use Chatbots?

A valid question that should be asked and has been asked is whether chatbots are suitable for every business in existence. Can all businesses use chatbots?

Although chatbots are a terrific innovative and highly intelligent initiative, it can work for most but may have to be restricted to only a few of its features in some few businesses.

Not every business needs a chatbot, but every business can use a chatbot in one way or the other.

However, you will be hard-pressed to find a business in which all the features of a chatbot cannot be used. As long as it is digital, online, a chatbot can almost certainly be employed.

Nevertheless, some businesses are very complex and whose complexities would either make having a chatbot too burdensome or too expensive.

That is, it may be able to work fully with all its features in use on some of these businesses, but may require excessive funding to accomplish.

However, this hindrance could be solved if the chatbot is restricted to a certain area of the business and not every part of the business.

Therefore, ultimately, in one way or the other, even in the tiniest of ways, chatbots can still work for any company that is digitalised.

Your business needs a chatbot that will make your work easy, almost too easy, keep your customers happy, and make you smile to the bank every time!

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Why your Business Needs a Chatbot

With that being said, there are so many reasons why your business needs a chatbot, but only a few will be discussed.

As much as they are intelligent and innovative, chatbots are still being improved upon which means more features that can help your business are being put in place.

For instance, chatbots that can negotiate with customers are currently being built and are rumoured to be entering testing stages soon. The future of online marketing is indeed here!

Nevertheless, check out some of the reasons why your business needs a chatbot below:

Customer Satisfaction

Your business needs a chatbot to achieve customer satisfaction. It is not rocket science to figure out a happy customer will always come back which in turn means more sales.

Therefore, this is why companies strive to do all that is within their power to ensure customers are always satisfied.

Well, look no further than chatbots as they will do it, and do it with some aplomb.

Below are some ways in which chatbots can give your customers satisfaction:

Always Open

Yes, your business can be available to customers always, at any time of the day, week, or year; and no, you do not need to incur extra costs on human resources.

Availability is the first step to customer satisfaction, and if you want to make your customers happy, your business needs a chatbot.

Statistics have revealed that 64% of internet users say a chatbot’s best feature is 24-hour service.

Chatbots can provide availability at any time, ensuring your business is always open, and your customers have access to you at any time they want.

Customers can be very impatient; there are likely odds you have competitors in your area of specialisation, and you do not want to lose new or existing customers to rivals, do you?

Speed and Efficiency

Customers want you to be fast; solve their problems effectively, and speedily. Your business needs a chatbot to achieve this.

Statistically, chatbots have solved 80% of customer queries without human intervention, meaning you have nothing to worry about concerning efficiency.

Chatbots is a software that is highly intelligent and AI-Powered. They are programmed to respond immediately, which means they will do their job efficiently, and with speed.

Customers will always come back when they are certain what they desire will be given to them when they want.

Personalised Advertisement

When they say chatbots can do the job of a whole marketing team, it’s not a bluff. Chatbots will advertise your products and services for you.

Through blasts, bulk SMS, email marketing, and web ads, chatbots will deliver your services to new and existing customers.

However, what makes this a customer satisfaction function is that while they advertise, they can deliver personalised content to your customers.

That is, by using their intelligence and information gathered from user data, chatbots like Zebrabuzz can deliver what each client is interested in them.

Scheduling Appointments and Creating Reminders

Your business needs a chatbot if you require customers to book an appointment. In this regard, the chatbot is your Personal Assistant (PA) as all appointments are organised.

However, it becomes a customer satisfaction function when it reminds customers of their appointment dates.

Chatbots will send regular reminders to users when their appointment day is closeby so they do not miss it.

More Insights

There are some metrics you may not be aware of. Your business needs a chatbot because it will be able to provide detailed insights as to what is going on with your business.

Chatbots will help you gain more insights as to the activities of your customers on the page, the sales you are making, customers’ view on certain products and services and many more.

Highly intelligent chatbots that are AI-Powered can use user data to give you more insights as to what is going on with your business and thus, making you aware of how you need to improve.

Concerning insights gotten from user data, the controversy about the application of user data is being taken seriously by chatbot companies like Zebrabuzz with a serious and dedicated application of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in protecting end user’s data.

Reduced Costs

The dream is to increase productivity and cost of production while having boosted sales and profits.

Your business needs a chatbot to make this dream a reality has it has and is still making it a reality for most business using it.

Although it is not a bad idea to have a team of human resource personnel to back up your chatbot, it will do the majority of the job, if not all; thereby reducing the overall cost of production and boosting productivity.

Some other reasons why your business needs a chatbot are:

Increased Sales and Profits

Chatbots will give quality leads, which will bring potential customers. With personalised ads, reduced costs, and the ability to sell your products, chatbots will increase your sales and profits.

Versatility and Multitasking

A chatbot will work in many areas for your business at the same time, and with equal effectiveness.

The ability to do so many things at the same time is a very strong reason why your business needs a chatbot.

Chatbots are still being developed to make them better; however, you will agree based on these, their functions are currently unmatched, your business needs a chatbot, and the only smart move is to join the innovation and take your business to unimaginable heights.

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